A 10-week course for women to awaken the capacity to lead for a flourishing of human possibility.

For women leaders (of self and/or others), coaches, therapists, and other service professionals.

flour·ish   ˈfləriSH/   verb     
(of a person, animal, or other living organism)
to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of
a particularly favorable environment.

We are living in a time of great change. Systems are crumbling and people are divided. 
Yet, something new is coming.

Here, in the space between, we need a new kind of leadership: one of nurturance, love, and the trust in human possibility.

So many women I know and have had the pleasure to work with are feeling a call to something they cannot quite put a finger on, something that is missing but isn't yet clear. 

We are working for equality.
We are working for justice.
We are working to change what we see is not working.
But there's more.

I see it as an evolutionary imperative that we come to realize that all of life is worthy, sacred, and loved, and that it is up to each of us, especially those of us with a voice and privilege, to lead for all of life to flourish.


 Photo by  Arthur Poulin  on  Unsplash

Photo by Arthur Poulin on Unsplash

YOU want to flourish.
You want your loved ones to flourish.
You want your family to flourish.
You want your community, your company,
or your team to flourish.
You want the planet to flourish.
You're in the right place.


What is trust? Trust is a kind of faith in human possibility.
And to lack trust is to disbelieve in another’s possibility. 
- Umair haque

This is about becoming more human: supporting human creativity and the power we have to effect loving change.

For each of us to flourish, we must...

  • be seen as someone who matters, someone who is valuable..
  • is worthy of kindness and love.
  • feel we belong.
  • be held as someone whose life and expression are integral to the health of the whole.
  • be nurtured, nourished, and even cherished so that our full potential is brought forth into the world as it was meant to.
  • be encouraged to grow and transform courageously beyond our fears.



 Photo by  Victoriano Izquierdo  on  Unsplash

Life is meant to flourish. We're meant to relate, connect, express, give and receive.
In our current paradigm, some get to flourish more than others, but we need the creative brilliance that flows into the world when everyone does.

“If the world is to be healed through human efforts, I am convinced it will be by ordinary people, people whose love for this life is even greater than their fear, people who can open to the web of life that called us into being, and who can rest in the vitality of that larger body.” —Joanna Macy


My story and an invitation to you:

I've been on a journey of reclamation and revelation since the late 1990's. A heroine's journey. A journey to realize something I sensed within way deep inside me but had no outer mirror for or understanding of. Somewhere deep within, the feminine was  calling me home. I began to listen, then respond to the guidance I was getting. The way was dark, mysterious, even mystical. The inner world is the unseen world, yet it is just as alive and vibrant.

Now, I'm bringing together everything I've experienced, discovered, and learned over the past two decades because it is exactly this that we as women leaders must come to know and realize within. We humans are an important and vital part of the web of existence. When we believe we are separate from this web, we act accordingly - and it is killing us and so much of life here on our dear Earth.

Right now much of what we have created is going through a profound dissolving. Institutions, norms, rules, and agreed upon ways of being are eroding. We feel the effects of this, but what makes this harder to be with is the lack of focus on what we are creating in its place, as well as the essential joy that can still be part of our lives.

This is where Flourish comes in.

When we realize our vast potential as human beings by coming into direct realization of the vast source within us, we begin to bring forth solutions that serve the whole of life. We begin to lead for the whole of life.

This is our opportunity as women leaders: to embody the feminine principle, not just to give women equal footing but to be that which honors and dignifies the whole of life and nurtures life back toward a state of flourishing.

And we begin to do this by honoring and dignifying ourselves and nurturing ourselves back to a state of flourishing.

"Each woman who gives birth to herself and responds to what life is asking her to accomplish, contributes to the survival of our species and the diminishment of human suffering."
~ Anne Baring

As leaders who trust in human possibility,
our invitation is to...

  • Learn to trust in the basic goodness and possibility of every human being.
  • Awaken the innate creative potential and compassion that exists within ourselves, so we support those we lead in doing so.
  • Honor and dignify our individual and shared humanity, as well as our powerful diversity.
  • Lead for and support creativity, collaboration, and compassion.
  • Ensure those whom we lead have the opportunity to flourish as they were created to be, exactly as they hunger to be.
  • Rekindle a love for this life that is greater than our fears.
  • Come to trust and rest in the web of existence that has called us here.


As leaders, we can, together, 

 Photo by  Thiago Cerqueira  on  Unsplash
  • realize a deep compassion that allows us to open to the needs of the world, whether it's the world at large, the world of our organization, the world of our neighborhoods, the world of our families, or our own vast world of self.
  • rediscover our innate knowing that everything is interrelated and interdependent. 
  • reawaken to the source of creative insight within that can answer the questions we face as a singular human being and as a species.
  • discover how best to guide people, communities, and organizations to flourish in generative, emergent ways.
  • support the creative, communal power of people who've gathered to grow and serve.


It is time for us to come fully alive by marrying the truth of our full humanity with our awakened creative potential.

Our natural resourcefulness is born out of our capacity to be creative in every situation where we Do Not Know.

When we don't know, we step into a place of possibility - human possibility infused with the intelligence of life.


Flourishing is contagious, generative, and (r)evolutionary.

For the past fifteen years working as a coach, mentor, and educator, I've created environments in which individuals and and groups could flourish. By bringing together personal and leadership development, powerful curriculum from Stanford University, and a depth of listening that tunes in to the whole person and whole group, those I've worked with have come to reawaken and reclaim their innate capability for deep insight and active compassion. A partial list...

Stanford Students

Community members affected by the Sandy Hook Tragedy
Pre-school teachers
Family members who lost loved ones on 9/11
And marketers, medical advocates, coaches, and many more...

People like you, from many different walks of life, in a variety of life situations, learned this powerful, proven process. Using the tools and practices offered, these students reawakened an innate wholeness and creative potential. And many have gone on to create environments in which others now flourish.



Tentative Course Schedule & Content

The curriculum of Flourish runs along 3 tracks. 

Track 1: You'll discover and reawaken your personal creative resource that re-establishes your ability to navigate uncertainty and flourish in the various aspects of your life.

Track 2: You'll discover and reawaken your connection to the web of Life that so many traditions and cultures speak of. You are a part of it. You need the web and the web needs you. Everything you do affects the whole. Life cannot flourish when it is disconnected from this web. 

Track 3: As a leader and/or service professional, you'll learn how to open to, create, and support the conditions for others' reconnection to their personal creative resource.


Module One:

Here we'll set the stage for our time together and begin to experience the power of your personal inner resource.

We begin by coming together to co-create something real & alive. We will begin with some fun and beautiful exercises to experience our deep nature and the connected nature of life. We'll explore human possibility and the need for the development of people, the nature of true power, and the spiritual qualities necessary for these times: compassion, creative insight, and the understanding of the nature of life itself - different than the nature of the man-made systems in which we interact.


Module Two:

Reclaim your natural, essential power from within.

We dive deep into the experiential nature of this course by experiencing our essential nature within. This is the key to leading in these times. EVERYONE has a  source within  that is creative, resilient, resourceful, compassionate, joyful, and loving.

As a leader, it is imperative you come to trust the power of creative resourcefulness within yourself, as well as learn how to support others in knowing and trusting their own resilient power, a power-from-within that we live alongside our sisters.


Module Three

Discover the one thing that holds you back and how to soften its hold on you. 

Judgment is the number one thing that keeps people from acting on and completing their dreams and visions. Learn exactly what judgment is, how it is created within you, how it works, and how to soften, quiet, and even liberate it so you can be and express the power that flows from within you. We'll also find the power and clarity of the mind when it is objective and discerning.


Module Four

Find within yourself the true power of 'Not Knowing' and learn what true power is. Uncover how you currently navigate challenges, the true 'nature of'/'reason for' the obstacles that life brings you, and how to shift the way you navigate what's in front of you.

Learn how to move through uncertainty consciously and relationally, in communication with Life. Learn to trust in and feel supported by others and by existence itself. Shift behaviors from feeling you must do everything yourself to accessing the field of possibility all around you. You can only do what you are truly here to do by living from a place of deep connection to everything rather than individual separation and isolation.


Module Five

Here, mid-course, we learn about, and come into relationship with, the fabric of what truly holds us as human beings. We sink down into Soul, the deep well within.

Hone your ability to be fully in the world through vital awareness and embodied presence. Come into relationship with the deep intelligence that sustains you, and that sustains all of life in order to serve the whole of life. Here we bring ourselves down into the body, bringing our mindful awareness down into the whole of the body.


Module Six

Deepen and evolve your relationship to yourself and to the world at large.

We'll explore your deepest values and the qualities of your own Soul, so that you can embody who you are and what matters to you...so that you can live what you are here to live.


Module Seven

This week, we go deeper into the organizational, cultural, and societal effects of Judgment and how to begin to liberate them.

We dive deeper into the Voice of Judgment and how it shows up in the world. We explore how understanding the nature of conditioning, and how to liberate it, is crucial to healing the sense of separation we are currently experiencing as human beings.


Module Eight

We enter the heart of relationship and how to be together in the world in new ways.

We explore relationship through the lived expression of personal creativity, joy, compassion, community, and the understanding of 'one diamond - many facets'. Here we bring together purpose, life intelligence, power from within, and collaboration to co-create in a new structure.


Module Nine

Human wholeness & the wholeness of the world - developing a deep foundation of self worth through the four corners that serve as its foundation.

Learn and develop the four corners that make up your personal sense of self-worth, so that you begin to embrace your humanity and humanity as a whole. This is the foundation of how we flourish. Prosperity. Self-worth. True, natural, organic abundance. Here we as leaders can know our own worth, value, and dignity, while supporting others to grow into people who know their own worth, value, and dignity - as well as the worth, value, and dignity of all of life.



Zoom Video Calls (almost like being together in real life!)

Call day/time:

Thursdays, 11:00 - 12:30/1:00 (PDT) - Calls will be for 90 minutes, with 30 minutes for any additional Q&A

Calls will be highly experiential and interactive.

Call dates:

April 12th: Module One
April 19th: Module Two
April 26th: Module Three
May 3rd: Module Four
May 10th: Module Five

May 17th: Q&A - Spot Coaching

May 24th: Module Six
May 31st: Module Seven
June 7th: Module Eight
June 14th: Module Nine

1 50-min One-on-One Coaching Session

One session to be used any time during the course.

Online Community Group

We'll commune in a secret Facebook group to share our weekly reflections and insights.

Weekly In-depth Content

9 in-depth, beautifully designed PDFs to go deeper into the content. 




About Julie:


I've been exploring the Feminine since the late 1990's. It's been a long, deep, both mysterious and mystical journey. Over these years, the feminine has been revealing herself to this world again and we are now beginning to truly witness her reemergence. This personal inner journey to come home to soul and down into my body has, of course, informed all of my work.

I'm a certified coach and having trained as a coach through multiple coaching programs. I'm a certified Creativity in Business facilitator.

I've been teaching at Stanford University for twelve years, ten years of which was teaching a course on Creativity & Leadership.

Many clients tell me I am much more than a coach and teacher. They've offered these, but of course none of them truly capture what I do.
Mentor. Spiritual Advisor. Guide. 

What I do is hard to put into words, but what I feel is more important is the space I create so that the innate, divine intelligence within you can do what it desires to do - grow and transform and emerge into the world as the beautiful creation you already are.


"Julie is like dark rich soil...the kind that seeds crave." ~ Danielle LaPorte

I think Danielle's words capture the essence of what I offer - a rich seedbed in which to support and nourish the essence of who you are so that you come to know your innate worth and dignity, deepen your self-confidence and trust, and ultimately find that rich vein of self-love that already exists within your original being.

Others have offered:

"My experience of your work is it accesses a dimension of ourselves we don't frequently access.
For me its like technicolor embodied soul exploration. ...you most definitely open a portal for all of us."
- Writing Raw participant
"Experiencing Julie speak is like sitting at the feet of a High Priestess... Her words issue a fierce alert:  
Pay attention.  Listen.  You need to hear this."
- Tricia Karp

Read more testimonials...


How much time will this take each week?

Each call is 90 minutes to two hours. The latter portion of our calls will be for answering questions you might have on the week's teachings or on deepening your learning. In between calls, you'll practice a Live-With - an in-context practice for learning applied to your daily life.

Must I attend all of the calls?

Not at all. But the more calls you can come to, the more you'll get out of the course...and the more you'll have the opportunity to share your journey, challenges, & unfolding.

***Do you offer refunds?

No. Your registration is a commitment to the course. If after attending two calls you feel this course is not a fit or something unexpected comes up in your life, you are welcome to use the total cost toward one-on-one coaching or something else I offer down the line.

I have a question that’s not answered here.

Please email Julie [at] juliedaley[dot] com and I will do my best to respond quickly.

I'm still not sure this might be right for me.

If you are still not sure, take a moment to feel for resonance in your body. Is there a longing, a nudge, to know yourself in this way? Having a bit of fear is normal. We haven't really been taught to trust these aspects of ourselves as women, and we haven't been taught to trust our nudges. But...we must learn to trust the nudge.