I have changed the registration/payment format of Together. Rather than registering for the three months, you can now join a single session at a variety of prices. I'm hoping this new format will make it easier to be a part of this gathering.


Somewhere within each of us, is the call and desire to be seen, heard, and known - witnessed and accepted. This is one of the most natural desires we have as human beings. But it's not just the everyday surface level self that longs to be known. It is who we are deep inside.

But how do we learn to drop down into the deep place within? And how can we find the strength to be vulnerable and tender with ourselves as we do so? By coming together in community. By allowing ourselves to be held and guided. By learning to trust the deep space of the feminine in life, in ourselves, and in each other as women.

Together is an opportunity to experience and discover on a simple, yet perhaps not easy, level. It's the experience of being you, the discovery of what you find, and the willingness to drop into the gorgeousness of mystery that is the feminine, that is love, that is Eros itself. And in Together, we explore what comes as it comes. 


So, What is Together?

  • Is it a course?

There will be meditations, practices, and writings that come directly out of what happens in our zoom calls and time together. We will work directly with what emerges out of the emergent.

But it's not a course in the traditional sense, meaning you take in information to use in your life. You will, but it won't be learning in that way.

  • Is it a women's circle?

There will be sharing from the heart and soul, but I am also holding the place of guide, intuitive, mystic, and in some ways teacher.

  • Is it group coaching?

I will respond to women who speak, sometimes in a way that I might ask a client a question but in the role of guide. There is no goal setting or framework for our time together other than to drop in, feel, sense, listen, and speak.

It's none of the above, but it has elements of all three.


It's something entirely new. It's a gathering together of women learning to feel and sense and speak from the body, heart, and soul; a gathering where we reconnect with the Earth and remember our true power; a gathering where we listen and feel for what is emerging out of the rich, fertile bed of becoming; a gathering where we open to our deep feeling nature as women; a gathering where we follow the thread that appears as we move together through this time. 


Do you long to...

  • be held in a container of safety and love so you can soften into your own experience and knowing?
  • access your intuition with more ease and clarity?
  • learn how to drop into your body so you can hear and know the wisdom it holds?
  • be with women in a loving, open, inquiring experience?
  • join a community of women who are seeking what you are seeking?
  • experience ways to deepen your awareness of who and what you truly are?
  • discover the source of your creativity, joy, and love?
  • learn to open to the mystery, to the emergent nature of life?

This call to be known isn't necessarily in a big way at all, but in the way that is true for you. It might be being known within your family or the organization in which you work. It might simply be becoming known to yourself. And it might be more...


Together, we...

  • gather in community.
  • learn to stay rooted within our own heart and body, listening for the truth of how we feel and what we want to say, and then speaking what we find.
  • experience a process that can be both uncomfortable and freeing.
  • find it's all rooted in Eros - a deep love that is powerful, joyous, and sensuous. Eros is the love of creation for itself, a love so strong that it IS the impulse within Life to give Life.

Over the years I've been coaching and teaching, I have come to know how to hold a container of love and safety. Perhaps I came in with this, and I do know that my clients and students have taught me how to hold this. That is how love is. Love guides love.


The Elements of Together

  • Together will last for three months in this first initial run.
  • Seven 60-minute Zoom calls every other week. (Zoom is an online gathering place with both video and audio capabilities).
  • A secret Facebook page for sharing and deepening our learning.
  • A deep and powerful container in which to listen for and bring into being what comes out of the emergent, the deep well of possibility.
  • Meditations, practices, and writings by Julie born out of our experiences together.
  • An unusual opportunity for two 25-minute private coaching sessions with Julie per month for an additional fee. (My one-on-one coaching packages are for either 6 months or 12 months.)


The Details of Together


pay what you want to offer for the experience of a single session

$10, $20, $30, or $40

$300 for 2 25-min coaching calls to take you deeper into discovery during the gathering.

Day & Time:

All calls at 11:00 amPDT

Tuesdays 6/6, 6/20
Wednesday 7/5 (day change due to 4th of July)
Tuesdays 7/18, 8/1, 8/15, and 8/29.


Zoom - a video/audio gathering path accessible worldwide.


At the end of three months, you will...

  • know yourself in a different way.
  • have a feel for the feminine - she can't be known logically, but we can feel how she moves within us and the world at large.
  • have a practice to drop down into your own body and knowing.
  • trust yourself and what you feel and have to say more solidly.
  • feel a direct link between the knowing in your gut and pelvis and your active voice.
  • have a stronger connection to your intuition. 
  • feel and sense the difference between compassion and eros - both aspects of love but different in feeling and sensation.
  • begin to feel the depth of joy available to you when you love, trust, and honor self.




Who is Together for? Women who... 

  • wonder what the heck the feminine is and yearn to explore it within themselves.
  • want to hear and see themselves while being heard and seen.
  • are leaders who want to lead in a more balanced, creative, empathetic model.
  • feel called to embody the feminine principle in their lives, both personal and professional.
  • long to trust more deeply, both themselves and other women.
  • know they must now speak truth into the world, perhaps to the powers that hold sway.
  • want to connect their body to their deep knowing and voice.





F. A. Q.

Do you offer refunds for single session payments? No. There are no refunds once purchased.

Will recordings be available for any Zoom calls missed? Yes. You will receive a link to both the video and audio recordings. You can then participate at your own convenience.

Is it mandatory to be part of the Facebook Secret Group? Nothing is mandatory. Yet, much of what happens between our calls will take place in this Facebook community. If you're not already on Facebook, you can join for the three months only.


How to Know if Together is Right for You: 

Ask yourself the questions that follow. If any resonate with you, then trust your innate knowing and sense of resonance.

  • Do you yearn to feel more connected to other women?
  • Do you yearn to feel deeply connected, expansive, and alive more often in your life?
  • Do you have a strong impulse to offer a more loving presence in this world?
  • Do you long to be held in a community as you develop your capacity to know yourself?
  • Do you feel a powerful presence within that you don’t understand or know what to do with?

If you are still not sure, take a moment to feel for resonance in your body. Is there a longing, a desire, something you can't quite name nudging you in this direction? Trust that nudge.

And, of course, if you have other questions or want to discuss this further, don't hesitate to contact me: julie@juliedaley.com


A Bit About Me:


I am a coach, consultant, and educator. One of my passions, joys, and keen abilities is to hold a space for the emergent to be known and trusted. The mystery of your inner world is where you can do the beautiful work of coming home to yourself. 

My degree is in Interaction Design - designing experiences in which people interact with technology and each other. 

I have lived life very non-traditionally, and while I didn’t know it when I was younger, this has served me well for my life’s work. I see things differently, and I see things before their time. And I know what it's like to know you have something unique to offer the world that comes out of your direct life experience. This is what I wish for you. To be able to hear more clearly and trust in your inner voice and knowing.

I have held safe, loving space in my work with family members directly affected by 9/11 and community members directly affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy. I have found that we humans have the capacity for great resilience and creativity once we know our power lies within.