Imagine being yourself - UNABASHEDLY - wherever you work.
Yourself: Passionate. Vocal. Bold.

After years of coaching women, I’ve found that one of the things we most fear is being the fullness of who we really are. In many ways, we fear that our passionate, vocal selves are too much, especially at work.


So often we don’t say what we long to say and don’t contribute what would truly be a powerful contribution.

We’ve been taught to believe that our passionate selves are too much, too big, too loud; but what’s true is our passion holds our power, creativity, and joy.

Your passion is key to what you truly love, what brings you alive, and what makes you intuitive and compassionate. It makes you a fabulous asset to the business you’re working so hard for.

For a limited time, I’m offering a 60-min coaching call to dive deep into your passionate self, activate your voice, and ignite your desire for bold expression.

60-minute coaching call: $200

Once I receive payment, I’ll contact you to schedule our call.

Let’s stir your passion and voice to bold expression.

“…like dark rich soil..."

"Julie stirs up the power that women feel in their core. Strength, sensuality, discernment — she brings it all through story and a presence that wakes people up to so much more.”

  Danielle LaPorte

“Julie is like a fine tuning fork..."

"Julie is like a fine tuning fork, using her body, mind, and spirit to connect and sense things on a deeper level. She has helped me come home to myself. ”

Alison van Buuren, MBA, CEC, Executive Coach

“…sensuality incarnate…”

Julie is sensuality incarnate, wrapped in love.

Tanya Geisler

“…has a way of seeing what is underneath…”

“Julie Daley has a way of seeing what is underneath what we say is there and parting the crowds inside of us to let the glow of what we really mean shine through.“
Dyana Valentine

“…deep spirituality…&…very tangible, practical goals.”

“Working with Julie as my coach over a period of several years was a privilege.  She brings to her work such integrity, presence, skill, and love that I felt the wonderful balance of being challenged to grow and at the same time safely held.   Her deep spirituality touched all that we did together, even when I hoped to achieve very tangible, practical goals.” BB