"...a very gifted, teacher, consultant, and coach..."

“In a 30-year business career, I have worked in a wide range of companies and roles, from management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group to marketing guru at high tech startups to an executive and corporate officer at a public company. I haven't ever encountered someone with Julie's unique combination of heart, soul, intelligence, and wisdom. She is a very gifted teacher, consultant, and coach. It is hard to imagine an individual or organization which wouldn't benefit from her talents. She will bring the kind of personal and organizational growth which is so needed in our world today. 

Dave Torrey

You want to know yourself and be known for who you truly are. You want to feel you matter and are valuable exactly as you are. And, you want to make a difference in this world in some way.

These are our core desires as human beings. Being human carries an imperative - to be self-expressed in a way that both stays true to you and serves something greater than you.

This is creative fluency. This is what it means to be self-expressed and connected to something greater.

This is how we evolve our humanity. We’re here to become more human, not perfect. And as leaders, we’re here to support others to do the same. All of this takes trust. But it takes more than that - it takes coming to know your own essential nature and then expressing this nature into the world with the power and strength that is within using tools and practices to support you and those you lead.

I am very, very good at doing this. Guiding you come to know your own essential nature, to express it into the world, and to trust in this process.

There are many ways we can work together...



You long to be more engaged with, and expressed in, the world but you don’t know how to fully tap into the well inside you waiting to be shared. If you feel this longing for more free self-expression, as well as the need to contribute in some way, I am the coach for you. I know how to guide you back to your essential self and support action from this essential place within you. Together, we will awaken and guide your self-emergence.


As a leader today, it’s important to be rooted firmly in your work and in the world. Compassion, caring communication, and the ability to support and guide others are the most important capacities to develop.  In working with me, you will not only deepen your own natural and powerful capacities as a creative and compassionate human being, you'll also develop the understanding of how to ignite these same capacities in those who follow your lead.


Your people ARE  your greatest asset. Is your organization's culture hospitable to developing these bright lights as remarkable leaders and innovators? Does your culture allow for self-emergence in order to grow creativity, compassion, and collaboration? When these are catalyzed, your organization can do the great work it is meant to do. 


I'd love to work with you. Connect with me to schedule a complimentary consultation session.


“Julie has deep insight and the ability to integrate in ways that can take us to new levels of performance, discovering parts of ourselves that we never knew existed.”
~ John Hagel,
Deloitte Center for the Edge Innovation