To lead for change, to create something ahead of its time, or to work in an organization focused on leading-edge innovation and leadership require that you listen to the voice within, the Voice of your essential, creative Self.

What you’re bringing about and making real has never existed before and the new ideas you need will come from within.

But, standing on the precipice of the uncertainty of the unknown can feel oh, so, daunting. A great guide can make all the difference in the world; someone with an intimate relationship to the mysterious nature of what’s within, lots of experience, and a process and map of the terrain you need to cross to get you there.

When you learn to hear and trust what is within you, and you have the tools you need to bring it into the world, you begin to work from a joy you've longed for.

I'd love to work with you as a coach/guide, mentor, consultant, speaker, and/or educator. Please connect so we can talk.

"...a very gifted, teacher, consultant, and coach..."

“Over 30 years in business, I’ve worked in a wide range of companies and roles, from management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group to marketing guru at high tech startups to an executive and corporate officer at a public company. I haven't ever encountered someone with Julie's unique combination of heart, soul, intelligence, and wisdom. She is a very gifted teacher, consultant, and coach. It is hard to imagine an individual or organization which wouldn't benefit from her talents. She will bring the kind of personal and organizational growth which is so needed in our world today. 

Dave Torrey

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You long to contribute what you’re here to contribute and sense what you need to do so lies within you. It does. It is through connecting with your essential Voice and Self that you’ll engage the gifts that have always been inside you.


You’re a leader with a visionary voice inside, yet this can feel frightening when it’s guiding you to something that flies in the face of the status quo. You long to trust this voice, then to do what it is asking you to do. Let’s talk.


Your people ARE  your greatest asset. When creative ideas, wise compassion, and willingness to collaborate are fostered, your organization can navigate new territory with great success. Let’s provide the tools needed for everyone to succeed.


I'd love to work with you. Connect with me to schedule a complimentary consultation session.


“Julie has deep insight and the ability to integrate in ways that can take us to new levels of performance, discovering parts of ourselves that we never knew existed.”
~ John Hagel,
Deloitte Center for the Edge Innovation