There is a source of power in the world, and in YOU, that is abundant, generative, joyful, and creative. This IS the power of life itself. It is the source of creativity, strength, joy, intuition, compassion. It is the impulse to act from the impulse within you.

This power is the power-from-within that we must lead from in these tumultuous times. 

It is the power and expression we've longed to be free to live. 


"...a very gifted, teacher, consultant, and coach..."

“In a 30-year business career, I have worked in a wide range of companies and roles, from management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group to marketing guru at high tech startups to an executive and corporate officer at a public company. I haven't ever encountered someone with Julie's unique combination of heart, soul, intelligence, and wisdom. She is a very gifted teacher, consultant, and coach. It is hard to imagine an individual or organization which wouldn't benefit from her talents. She will bring the kind of personal and organizational growth which is so needed in our world today. 

Dave Torrey 

When we feel a deep push from within our own presence, we are feeling the call to live out what we came here to live.

It is the bliss Joseph Campbell spoke of. But, bliss isn't really what we often think it is. Often we toss bliss out as some lightweight, soft thing. I know I used to. Until I discovered it for myself.

Campbell wrote, "Know where your bliss is. And that involves coming down to a deep place in yourself." 

I am masterful at guiding you into this deep place within yourself, so you can free yourself to live this source of your true power, this source of joy.


So, how about you? Do you long to...

  • trust yourself? trust life?
  • be free to live what you long to live?
  • feel fully alive in all areas of your life?
  • discern and speak your truth?
  • respect, listen to, and support the different parts of yourself?
  • deepen your ability to love as you know you can love?
  • be seen, heard, known, and loved for who you really are?

You are here to be you, but along the way you've lost touch with yourself. The thing is, you came in as you. All we have to do is reveal yourself to you by going into this deep place within.

This connection to the-life-force-within forms the foundation of the work I do in the world. It has been my own journey to come to know it and trust it again - and by doing so set myself free. And this is the work I will do with you...

We will...

  • dive and dig deep.
  • question in the most powerful way.
  • inquire into the nature of your experience and enlarge your capacity to feel in general.
  • uncover the unconscious ways you hold yourself back.
  • help to balance your left and right brains so that they support each other dynamically.
  • discover the qualities of your true nature and the values most dear to you.
  • disassemble the ways in which you tell yourself you must be more (or not enough), so that you can simply be yourself. 
  • open and awaken you to your relationship with yourself, you body, and to the life that is moving through you.
  • do it all with great love and exquisite attention to your whole being - body, mind, and soul

Our work together will move you from:

  • confusion to clarity
  • fear to courage
  • restriction to freedom
  • inaction to agency
  • isolation to vulnerability
  • conformity to authenticity
  • self-doubt to leadership
  • stagnation to creativity & innovation
  • sadness & grief to joy

There are many ways we can work together...




You are an ever-changing human being, and it is by way of your life experiences that you come to know your full and natural capacities. There is a deep longing in us, in the human psyche, to come into wholeness. Together, we will awaken and guide your self-emergence. If you feel this longing for something you cannot yet name, I am the guide who can walk you home.



As a leader today, your ability to both feel and communicate are the two most important capacities you must develop.  Together, through my one-on-one leadership coaching, you will not only deepen your own natural and powerful capacities as a creative and compassionate human being, you'll also ignite the qualities and insights necessary to help guide the deepening of those who want to follow your lead.



Your organization is made up of many bright lights - your people. They ARE  your greatest asset. Is your organization's culture hospitable to developing these bright lights as remarkable leaders and innovators? Does your culture allow for self-emergence in order to grow creativity, compassion, and collaboration? When these are catalyzed, your organization works better together.


I'd love to work with you if it feels right. Connect with me to schedule a complimentary call.

“Julie has deep insight and the ability to integrate in ways that can take us to new levels of performance, discovering parts of ourselves that we never knew existed.”
John Hagel,
Deloitte Center for the Edge Innovation