What is most needed now in leaders?

To be real. To be able to feel and articulate feelings.
To trust one's creativity and ability to lead when things are unknown.
To act in a way that values the whole of life.

How do we do this as leaders?

We awaken not just the mind through awareness, but the heart and the whole body. We must know how to feel and do it, even when it is uncomfortable. And we must be able to communicate our own experience and what it is we genuinely feel. 

When you are awake to the value of the whole of life, you put into direct action the depth of presence, feeling, and compassion that lives within you.

We need leaders...

  • who feel.
  • who are resilient, creatively awake, and remembering their wholeness.
  • who are mindful not just of their thoughts but also of their heart, feelings, and instincts.
  • who value life, not just monetized life - meaning life that some believe is valuable, but all of life.
  • who trust in the nature of life itself and are willing to make choices on behalf of all of life.
  • who are willing to speak about things that can make others uncomfortable but that must be said for what has been seen as less valuable to now be treated with dignity and respect.
  • who know and share the truth of what they offer so that others can find them, even when that truth feels uncomfortable to share.

Sound like a tall order?

Once you connect with, know, and begin to trust the source within you, you begin to trust that who you really are is fully capable of what is being asked of you.


Check in for a moment and see if you...

  • feel the call to speak what you know to be true but that has been difficult to share.
  • desire to be able to more clearly discern what you are truly feeling in any moment.
  • want to deepen your relationship with your body so that you can speak from the immediate truth in any moment.
  • long to actively bring compassion and love into your leadership role and organizations you lead.
  • sense that there is a community or platform that you are here to lead forward.
  • yearn to experience a sense of unconditional love as you dive deeper into your own internal knowing.
  • long to know the depth of your capacity to feel and to live the love that you are.
  • want to become more resilient with your right brain and the mystery that it holds.


If so, my leadership coaching will open you to what you long to know and give.




"You have to be honest and authentic and not hide. I think the leader today has to demonstrate both transparency and vulnerability, and with that comes truthfulness and humility."

~ Howard Shultz, CEO Starbucks


Everything is intelligent. When we meet everything with compassion, this internal intelligence is then freed up to flow as it must. This is what it is to be a balanced leader. We trust the intelligence of Life itself - and we take a stand for all that is life-affirming, including ourselves and the truth we are here to live and express.

This takes being open, vulnerable, and resilient. As we work together, we will establish a strong container in which you can learn to trust this intelligence to guide you, not only personally, but also as a compassionate leader.


Your Leadership Journey

I offer Six-month and Twelve-month Coaching Packages

Over our time working together, you will...

  • Excavate and clarify the vision and values that are calling you forth to be a leader, personally and professionally.
  • Rewrite old, disempowering stories of doubt and disbelief that have kept you, your work-life, your leadership capacity, and your relationships from flourishing.
  • Learn to trust the wisdom in your body by reconnecting mind and body, soul and heart.
  • Make powerful, clear decisions and effective choices using both your intuition and clear rational discernment.
  • Develop an intimate relationship with yourself and your nature, which allows for the same with others. This is critical to being a powerful leader. If you don't trust yourself or the people who follow you, you won't lead anyone anywhere.
  • Access the parts of yourself that you once thought were not acceptable in order to both liberate their gifts and recognize your innate wholeness. In doing so, you come to see that every human being is whole and you can then help guide others to remember theirs.
  • Learn to trust life deeply, whatever it brings your way, and identify and harness support, love, and connection wherever you are. Without this trust, there is no foundation from which to dive into the creative unknown.
  • Free your natural, innate capacities so you know more joy, ease, and love in your life.
  • Gain a practical and applicable set of practices, skills, and tools to embody what you discover, both personally and as a powerful leader.
  • Question what it means to lead, how you innately were created to lead, and what the internal vision is that you hold for the world.
  • Learn how to embody and express the feminine qualities that every successful leader must know.

The sixth-month and twelve-month packages includes:

  • A two-hour Foundation Session.
  • Two one-hour phone, Skype, or Google Hangout sessions a month.
  • A one-hour Completion, Review and Future Planning Session.
  • A detailed Self-Discovery Foundation Pack and Questionnaire at the start and completion of the program.
  • Extensive email, text, or phone support if you choose to utilize it.
  • Meditations, practices, and structures to support you on-going throughout the six months and beyond.
  • Homework and accountability in the way that best works for you.

On completion of your leadership journey, you can extend for another six months with my follow-on package or purchase a package of sessions to be used at your convenience.


I’d love to talk with you to see how we can work together. Please get in touch to schedule a complimentary call.



Photo by Maxime Bhm on Unsplash