Your voice is vital. It’s how you bring yourself fully to the world, both personally and professionally. It is through your voice that you ignite authority and agency, and confidence that comes from accessing your internal power.

With power comes great responsibility. You can lead for good or for harm, especially when you are in a position to impact a lot of people. You know this and desire to lead from love so that you bring out the best in those you lead.

A leadership of Human Possibility

  • Leading from possibility, you shape your caring through the lens of your work and then inspire and motivate others. You create the space so that others grow into who they long to be.

  • Kindness treats everyone equally, as they are uniquely, allowing each person to be exactly as they are as they deliver on what they are there to do.

  • With clear awareness, there are no problems, only possibilities and opportunities.

  • With compassion, we lead with power-from-within, a power that is generative. Generative power increases as each person steps into their own with authority and agency.

  • Through a leadership of human possibility, the organization, company, community, can grow into the possibility it holds.

Is this you? You…

  • recognize the power you have and want to wield it with purpose, heart, and soul.

  • find it can be hard to stay true to your core values in the current cultural and corporate climate.

  • are in a position of power but don’t need to show or prove it - what you need is to let go a bit and trust your inner Voice.

  • have some sort of spiritual bent and you get a whole lot of stuff done.

  • want to bring your heart into your decisions to cultivate supportive, nourishing environments for those you lead.

  • want to access your body’s wisdom and connect with the steadiness and power of your true voice.

  • would love to become more comfortable in uncertainty and ambiguity.

  • want more access to your emotional intelligence, instincts, & intuition.

  • want to lead from empathy and respect rather than command and control.

If this is you…I am exactly the coach that will guide you to be the leader you long to be.

“Julie Daley is...exactly what leaders need...”

“Julie Daley is a unique combination of profound experience, technical skills, deep searching, and practical wisdom – all focused on exactly what leaders need to take themselves and all of us into a better future.”

— Michael Ray, Professor Emeritus, Stanford School of Business

We need leaders who...

  • are resilient, creatively awake, and aware of their impact.

  • create the environment in which their people can grow.

  • are mindful not just of their thoughts but also of their heart, feelings, instincts, and wisdom - in short, their humanity.

  • ignite the creative fluency and confidence in the people they serve.

  • trust in the nature of how things unfold and in their ability to lead when things are uncertain and ambiguous.

  • act when they are uncomfortable and say things that must be said.

  • Speak from a deeper place within that naturally knows what’s needed in stressful and impactful situations.

“Julie is like a fine tuning fork..."

"Julie is like a fine tuning fork, using her body, mind, and spirit to connect and sense things on a deeper level.
She has helped me come home to myself. ”

  Alison van Buuren, MBA, CEC, Executive Coach



Invest in a 6 or 12-month Coaching Package

Coaching packages include:

  • A detailed Self-Discovery Foundation Pack and Questionnaire to begin the program.

  • An exercise to discover a ‘first level’ snapshot of your life purpose.

  • A two-hour Foundation Session.

  • Two one-hour phone or Zoom (video) sessions per month.

  • A one-hour completion, review and future planning session.

  • Extensive email or text, and limited phone support if you choose to utilize it.

  • Meditations, practices, and structures to support you throughout our time together and beyond.

  • Homework and accountability in the way that best works for you.

On completion of your leadership journey, you can extend for another six months with my follow-on package or purchase a package of sessions to be used at your convenience.

Let’s talk.