Great leaders create generative cultures -a culture that ignites the humanity within everyone. 
The best leaders do so with creative fluency, compassion, and courage.

“Julie... can take us to new levels of performance...”

“Julie has deep insight and the ability to integrate in ways that can take us to new levels of performance, discovering parts of ourselves that we never knew existed.”

— John Hagel, Co-Chairman, Deloitte Center for the Edge Innovation:


Every business or organization must consistently navigate the uncertain and fluctuating nature of business, innovation, and relationships. To do so requires employees who know how to bring forth their creative and innovative capacities. To do so also requires leaders who are willing and able to lead in times of uncertainty and ambiguity. To do so requires organizations willing to become more humane.

Is your team ready to...

  • Work together to face big initiatives and challenges?

  • See opportunity instead of impossibility?

  • Innovate rather than stagnate?

  • Discover and support the untapped capacities in every member of the team?

My background as a professional coach, interaction experience designer, and Stanford University creativity and leadership instructor, will accelerate your organization’s ability to solve problems and innovate. 

After a needs assessment, I’ll create a customized training and/or coaching program based on the Creativity in Business course taught not only at Stanford University for twenty-five years, but also in a variety of communities nationally and internationally.

In my extensive experience facilitating clients through the nuts and bolts of the creative process, I’ve found over and over again that the coaching and curriculum I offer increases leadership, innovation, mindfulness, and compassion in an organization's internal culture and external work.

Teams that do this work...

  • Become more resilient, resourceful and productive.

  • Act nimbly in times of change.

  • Collaborate with greater ease and output.

  • Speak a shared language that facilitates moving through conflict quickly.

  • Make huge creative leaps by trusting in the creative process itself and silencing the judgment that kills creativity.

  • Approach challenges as opportunities knowing they have powerful tools and practices in place.


Working together, we'll transform your team's culture so that your people will be engaged, successful, and happy, and your profit and the planet can thrive.

Please get in touch to see how we might work together.