Over three months, we will take the journey, together, from start to finish to ‘make your something real.’

The creative process is a very interesting process. It is necessary to set powerful, appropriate constraints on this something you’re creating in order to allow for more fluidity with the mysterious nature of creativity. Freedom loves discipline. Creativity loves constraints, or a ‘container’ as I sometimes call it.

Working together, we listen for the constraints that will help us hold your project from beginning to completion. We’ll also listen for what 'completion' looks like for your project, knowing there’s a balance between forcing an end date and not enough structure to keep the work unfolding.

Together, once we set the container and you hold the intention to create, you can bet that a lot will show up in your life that is directly part of your creation. We live in a very responsive Universe.

After working with the creative process for sixteen years, as well as the same number of years as a programmer/systems analyst, I am an experienced guide for you and this is my sweet spot: finding the balance between creativity and structure and knowing how to engage the innate intelligence that exists in everything.

When you enter into and navigate this process, you become the woman you need to be in order to create this something real. The process itself awakens your dormant creative capacities needed to get to the other side of completion.

Are you ready to create? Ready to make something real?

Is this you?

1. There's something inside of you wanting to be made real.
2. You've got time over the next three months to devote to this creative project.
3. You want to become more facile with how to be in the mystery of creation, listen for what wants to come, and then make it real. (This is a chance to more clearly awaken your connection to and trust in the feminine within you.)
4. Can feel this 'something' sort of floating around but you can't quite bring it down into reality.
5. You want a process to follow, a map to guide you, a structure to help walk you through this process. (This is where we explore your inner masculine nature in a way that helps guide this mysterious process - where the feminine and masculine dance.) And you can use this map, structure, process for all of your future projects.
6. You know you need STRUCTURE to do this.
7. You want to go all in over the next three months. I only work with clients in six month and 12-month engagements, but I'm breaking that rule in this 'Something Real' engagement.

We'll be focused on getting this something made!

Here's the deal with 'Something Real':

  • 2-hour foundation call to clarify your 'something',  map your plan, and have a conversation with your future self.

  • 6 hour-long calls (every other week) to name tangible markers along the way of your process, get accountability for each step, and make any necessary adjustments to your 'plan'. 

  • Maps of the creative process that you can use along the way to structure your way (just a bit) through the mystery. Of course, the map is not the territory, but a map is an amazing guide.

  • Initial query packet to help flush out this Something Real and set the scope to be both doable and a stretch so you grow.

We'll set the ending point so that it's reachable yet a stretch, and then we'll walk through it together, side-by-side.



I know the creative process. I know how to navigate the mystery. I know how to hold you in loving accountability. And, I know how to celebrate you and your something real like nobody's business! 

At the end of three months, you will have something real in your hands. Depending on the scope of your Something Real, it might not be at the final completion stage, but it will be real and ready for the next step.  

Enter into 2019 having made Something Real!

If you have questions, please connect with me so we can get them answered.


A Bit About Me:


I am a coach, consultant, and educator. One of my passions, joys, and keen abilities is to hold a space for the emergent to be known and trusted. The mystery of your inner world is where you can do the beautiful work of coming home to yourself. 

My degree is in Interaction Design - designing experiences in which people interact with technology and each other. 

I have lived life very non-traditionally, and while I didn’t know it when I was younger, this has served me well for my life’s work. I see things differently, and I see things before their time. And I know what it's like to know you have something unique to offer the world that comes out of your direct life experience. This is what I wish for you. To be able to hear more clearly and trust in your inner voice and knowing - and then to make SOMETHING REAL.