A full-color collection of prose, poems, & photographs

Here is a full-color compilation of poems, prose, and photographs that, together as a whole, shed light on one woman's experience awakening to the feminine principle. This collection speaks to a woman's relationship to Eros - life, death, body, love, Earth, mother, self, creativity, and so much more.

Here is personal in many ways, yet it is collective, too. My poems and prose are written from my direct experience as a woman, so in this way, they are very personal. And, I also know that many of us are experiencing very similar things, and so I sense that you will find yourself in these pages, perhaps even if simply in the longings and yearnings you hold inside yourself.

Here is a full-color, deep experience and transmission of the feminine principle - the sacred feminine as many refer to her. In some ways, it is a way I am marking a long portion of my journey to discover the feminine principle. I know and experience so much more than I did when I began over twenty years ago. I sense you will see yourself and perhaps even recognize aspects of your own experience and journey, even things you weren't conscious of before reading it.

I hope that Here will be a book you keep by your bedside, opening to it when you feel a longing for the deep, mysterious feminine to fill your heart.