While what you bring to the world is of great value and contribution, the most beautiful result of our work together is YOU! Your self-emergence, the realization of the power within you, and the knowing that you can trust yourself and trust life.

All of this gives you the confidence to be and express you as you are, in your vitality, power, and joy so that you CAN bring forth more of what you are here to live.

“...one of the best...”

“Julie is one of the wisest coaches I have worked with. She is one of the best, a genius of the body and heart. Her words, her presence, are a manifestation of what is real, what is precious, what is life giving. Julie’s ideas, words and intent feed what must be fed for us to change the course of our planet through love. Let yourself be fed. Let yourself know the real in your bones.”

— Jennifer Louden, best-selling author


In my fifteen years as a coach, I've slowly peeled away the ideas of what I thought coaching was and who I thought I needed to be to be a good coach.

Now, I know.

Now, I am this coach.

Coaching at its best catalyzes your self-emergence, self-knowing, a powerful sense of self-worth, and the ability to self-actualize what you are here to do. It grounds you in a deep sense of self-confidence and self-love that comes directly from knowing yourself as you truly are.

If I've done my job well, you've discovered (from within yourself) how to soften your need to restrict your own freedom and joy so that you can be and live who you really are - a powerful human being that is creative, resilient, and whole.


Take a moment to see if this might be you.


  • long to feel more free to simply be who you are.
  • know you are still the you that once knew joy, wonder, and lightness and you long to again.
  • want to be more innovative and creative in your work and life, and are looking for tools and practices to guide you.
  • are facing a change in your life and this time you want to make your choice from a place of clarity and surety.
  • want to stop over-thinking so that you can hear and follow your intuition.
  • don't want to push so had and strive so much any longer.
  • can feel a quiet voice inside and what to get
  • long to be more vulnerable in your relationships, and are looking for someone to skillfully guide you.

Many I work with...

  • work in tech-related and business roles and want to explore the more mysterious side of the brain - the powerful right brain and all that it offers to free and enhance their creativity and ability to innovate.
  • are artists and designers who currently feel stifled in their creativity.
  • have been working with mindfulness for a while and now long to awaken more compassion and empathy.
  • want to feel more ease with their inherent emotional intelligence.

I offer six-month and one-year coaching packages. You'll find the details below.

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“…the most beautiful thing a potter produces is…the potter.” - Matthew Fox


Your Personal Journey

Six-Month or Twelve-Month Coaching Packages

Over our time working together, you will deepen your ability to:

  • Excavate and clarify the vision and values that are calling you forth, personally and professionally.
  • Rewrite old, disempowering stories of doubt and disbelief that have kept you, your work-life and your relationships from flourishing.
  • Learn to trust and honor the innate intelligence in your body by reconnecting mind and body, soul and heart.
  • Make powerful, clear decisions and effective choices by trusting your intuition and combining it with clear discernment.
  • Develop an intimate relationship with yourself and your nature, which allows for the same with others.
  • Access the parts of yourself that you once thought were not acceptable in order to both liberate their gifts and recognize your innate wholeness.
  • Learn to trust life, deeply, whatever it brings your way, and identify and harness support, love, and connection wherever you are.
  • Bring forth your natural, innate capacities, which brings forth more joy, ease, and love into your everyday life
  • Gain a practical and applicable set of practices, skills, and tools to support you as you bring forth those things in your life you know are missing


Julie is like a fine tuning fork..."

"Julie is like a fine tuning fork, using her body, mind, and spirit to connect and sense things on a deeper level. She has helped me come home to myself. ”

  Alison van Buuren, MBA, CEC, Executive Coach


Both the Sixth-Month and Twelve-Month packages include:

  • A two-hour Foundation Session.
  • Two one-hour  phone, Skype, or Google Hangout sessions per month.
  • A one-hour Completion, Review and Future Planning Session.
  • A detailed Self-Discovery Foundation Pack and Questionnaire at the start and completion of the program.
  • Extensive email, text, or phone support if you choose to utilize it.
  • Tools, practices, skills, and structures to support you on-going throughout the six-months and beyond.
  • Homework and accountability in the way that best works for you.


On completion of either package, you can extend for another six months with my follow-on package or purchase a package of sessions to be used at your convenience.


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