“dark rich moist soil"

"Julie is dark rich moist soil, like the kind seeds crave”.

— Danielle LaPorte, bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker

"like sitting at the feet of a High Priestess."

I don’t say this lightly: Experiencing Julie Daley speak is like sitting at the feet of a High Priestess. Julie is deep and sensual.  Intense and oh-so glorious. Soft and profound. Her words issue a fierce alert:  Pay attention.  Listen.  You need to hear this. 

— Tricia Karp, Executive Coach


Welcome. I am glad you're here.

Healer.   I’ve got a real soft side. I love to love. I feel great joy, and sometimes great sorrow. I love the mystery, the dark place of transformation.

Catalyst.   I’m forthright and direct. I go deep fast. I’m not content with the status quo. I’m here to ignite things, to offer a new way, to rekindle thr creativity within, that beautiful soul fire inside of you. As a species, I know we are capable of so much more love and so much less hate.

Dancer.   I’m a dancer. I didn’t start until I was 45, and it is one of the things I cannot imagine living without. Dancing is my life’s blood. When I dance, something moves me and my soul sings through the bones, muscles, and sweat.

Writer.   I’m a writer. I didn’t begin to write until I was 45 as well. (It was a big year!) I swore I would never write when I was younger…should have known that resistance was a sign that something was up.


Things I love.

My Grandchildren. I have 6!!! They are delightful. I’m partial.

Dance. Yes, I’ve repeated this. It’s that good.

Math. I love math. I once cried in a Calculus class because of the sheer beauty of it. But then this particular Calculus teacher would read us poetry, too. I tell you, sheer beauty.

Flowers. I can’t get enough. I can’t walk past when they are so amazingly gorgeous.

Color. I LOVE color, although I often wear black.

Photography. One of my favorite things to do is grab my camera and set out on a photo walk. San Francisco is a great city for this!


I’m Non-Traditional.

I became a mother at 17 and a widow at 38.

I graduated from Stanford University with my B.S. in Interaction Design (I designed my own major) at 45, after fourteen long years, and after my first grandchild was born.

I studied abroad in Florence with students half my age.

I wrote my thesis on Spirituality and the Internet in 2001. Oh! the looks and comments I got from Stanford Professors when I announced that one! Yet, the idea turned out to be totally perceptive and prophetic.

Which leads me to share that I see things before their time.


I know what it’s like to be different, to have lived life differently than the status quo. I know how to guide you to live life differently than you are used to, too.


The Truth is, it's a Mystery.

All of these aspects of my nature give you a taste of my soul, but nothing can really tell you who I am.

That’s the crazy mystery of life, isn’t it? If we’re honest with ourselves, when we ask this question, “Who am I?” the not knowing grows louder and the mystery grows deeper.

This is my work…to help guide you into this mystery that is you, that is at the heart of your soul.


"Julie is a healer & instigator with her words, a wicked combination."

~ Ev`Yan Whitney


Intrigued? Fantastic.

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One way or another, stay true to what intrigues and compels you.

Follow the scent. Dine on the succulence. Breathe deeply.

I know it can be scary to trust the truth, yet that is where you will find you. Eventually the desire to know grows greater than the fear.