I am on a deep exploration of Eros. I suppose I have been for quite a while. It was showing up through me – in my photographs and writing – but now I am making a conscious decision to move into a thoughtful, open, inquiring exploration of what this form of love truly is. It is calling me.

Eros does that. It calls to us. 

Eros is life! Eros is that deep impulse of life to express itself. And, it is joy, beauty, and power. And it is love. Eros can lead us out of the dry, brittle world of over-thinking and back into the lush and sensuous feeling realm of the heart and conscious body. Awakening Eros is the exploration of depth, joy, and creativity.

A huge Thank You! to my brother Thollem for the original music he created for the podcast - a beautiful piece. 

Episode #01:  Welcome to the podcast.

In this first episode, I share my desires for this exploration of Eros and all that it truly means.

The Joseph Campbell documentary mentioned is The Hero's Journey

Pablo Neruda's quote: “I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.”


Episode #02: Creativity & Intimacy

Creativity and Intimacy are closely intertwined. When we create, we also feel a great desire to share our creations. And when we do, real intimacy can be known between creator and one who receives the creation. The intimacy deepens when we are willing to really open the creative channel - to express eros as it is longing to be expressed.

In this episode, I mention Mess Painting or 'The Creative Mobilization Technique'. You can find out more about it in The Magic of Mess Painting.

Episode 3:

And three...