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Choosing to be here fully in your life is the most powerful choice you can make.

You are alive. You are a beautiful human being. You have a well of love and deep creativity to express and a longing to express it. And yet...

You resist being here, fully. You resist being in your body. You resist your own life and your own humanity. But here's the thing... 


Being alive is magical, but the magic of being alive can only come alive when we accept our humanity, meaning, when we accept ourselves as we are and our lives as they are.

When the magic of being alive comes alive, we...

  • trust that we are part of something much greater than any one of us and with this trust we are able to take more risks, create the things we love to create, and step into our purpose and vision knowing we are supported by this that is much greater than any one of us.
  • act on our longing to be connected to life and to each other
  • feel, sense, and intuit life
  • follow our instincts rather than fear
  • intuitively feel our way rather than solely attempting to figure things out
  • know that all of life is valuable, worthy, and sacred
  • are willing to be love in the most embodied way
  • are able to bring forth our purpose and vision for a new way to be with each other here on our planet.

When we resist being fully here we keep this magic of being alive at bay. I think that's why we do it. To know the magic of being alive, we have to become vulnerable and human. But, this is where our true power lies - in our vulnerability, our humanity, and our love for life - Eros.


Why I feel so deeply about Awakening Eros:

This has been my path and it hasn’t been an easy one. For most of my life, I haven’t wanted to be here; never in a way where I would take my life, but always disconnected from others, isolated, and afraid to be in my traumatized body. But you might never have known this if I didn’t tell you. I don’t seem to be this way. I seem to be pretty together and well adjusted. In some ways I am. But being here on Earth with a big tender open heart has been hard.


About a year ago, I realized that it was now time for me to choose to come here fully – meaning to choose to be here - to actively make this choice and to continue to make it because it seems that this is required. I could see that I couldn’t do the work I came to do if I could not fully accept my humanity and all they ways I thought I was broken or deficient or ‘not enough’. I realized that being human is not a reflection of these things, but rather a reflection of the nature of life here on Earth. Life on Earth does have a tenderness and fragility to it. We are beautiful, tender creatures in fragile human bodies. And we do everything we can to defend against being hurt. But something different happens when we open to Eros, to the life force that moves through us. We become incredibly powerful beings, bringing this incredible power to that which we bring into the world, even to the simplest moments of our lives.

It is this beautiful vulnerable human nature that we need more than ever here on Earth. To me, this is Eros. It is our divine humanity. It is love in a human body. It is life living through us. It is soul awake and expressing. It is bringing forth the awakened and embodied feminine force of love.

And when we open to this vulnerable human nature and to the natural world around us, we fall out of the illusion we've believed is true and out of the fabric we thought was holding us. And in this fall, we fall into the real world that has always held, and is always holding, us. In this, we realize that all of Life has dignity and worth, and that we are deeply interconnected.


That is why choosing to truly be here is so powerful. Our 'power from within' awakens and we begin to commit to the life that we long to live: not the surface life we think we are supposed to live, but the deeper hunger of the soul.

What we once resisted we now choose, bringing the power of commitment to what matters to us, those we love, and the world as a whole.

And we come to know self-trust, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-love as experience rather than ideas that we believe we are supposed to understand. These foundations of self come from a systemic place within you.


Join me for this powerful six-month exploration.

Together, we'll be awakening Eros, Love, deep creativity and feeling, and a powerful inner-knowing. We'll be dropping down into soul.


Awakening Eros is for you if you...

  • know there is a power deep within you but don't know how to access it and bring it out
  • want to be a force of love in action for the good of the whole
  • find it hard to commit to and carry out what you truly want to do in this world 
  • are afraid to do the work you know you are here to do because it is outside of the cultural norm
  • are both excited by and afraid of what opening to Eros might mean for you and your life
  • want to bring the gifts of the feminine principle to your life, both personally and professionally
  • have a need to speak of the feminine in your work that comes from your direct experience rather than an idea of what the feminine is
  • long to be more deeply rooted and grounded in this human life
  • desire to experience the fullness and abundance that life has to offer on so many levels
  • want to deepen your awareness of and direct relationship with the feminine aspects of life - soul, darkness, fertility, the earth, the moon, the body, deep feeling - the erotic.




It is powerful to be coached with other women...

The feminine is about relationship. We weave a deeper understanding when we commune together and hold space for each other's unfolding. We learn from each other. While each of us is a unique expression of Life, my experience as a coach has taught me that the nature of the journey of woman is archetypal. When we gather together, we see ourselves mirrored in each other in a way that serves our own unique unfolding as well as the collective.

And, one of the loveliest things that happens is we come to find more trust in the feminine because we watch how each of us has to navigate this journey to reclaim the fullness of Eros. We see it isn't easy for any of us. And we can celebrate the way we each come to find this power within. 


What will we cover?

I will hold the container as you learn to navigate your inner world of souls and bring forth your purpose and vision.  You will...

  • befriend and reconnect with your body
  • work with the Earth, awakening your natural ability to respond to our world
  • engage with the deep imagination of your inner world
  • realize how Eros moves through you
  • ignite your power from within and learn to live it alongside your sisters
  • find strength, tenderness, and sisterhood as you navigate your life and vision from the power of connected women
  • bring it all to the dreams, visions, and longings you hold for your life so you can bring them to life from the power of your soul.

We will plant ourselves deep into soil and soul so you can rise, create, and express as you long to do.


Watch to get more of a sense for how I see the importance of Awakening Eros and bringing it into the world through our lived experience.



The Details:

A maximum of 12 women

I want to ensure that we go deep together. Limiting the size of our group will help foster this.

A six-month commitment*** 

Awakening Eros requires a commitment to six-months in the group. If you want to go deep and shift how you live your life, and I imagine you do if you've read this far, there are going to be times when it might feel easier to leave than stay. When you've committed to YOURSELF that you are in it for the duration, something changes in your ability to stay. This is a great learning itself, for life asks this of us all the time. To stay through the meat of things without leaving before we arrive to where we truly wanted to be.

In my one-on-one coaching practice, I've found that the commitment to the work is one of the most important things to getting the most out of coaching. There will be ups and downs through our time together - meaning that when resistance arises we are committed to staying. This is what makes the coaching container strong - for all of us. There is great power in committing. I ask you to sign a coaching agreement to this effect, meaning that you make an agreement to stay in the program. It is not a contract. Coaching cannot work if someone doesn't want to be here. 

*** see more below in the FAQs

Monthly Specialized PDFs

Each month you'll receive a PDF with specialized content and or meditations I create based on the needs and interests that emerge in our work together. Just enough so you won't be overwhelmed with information, but will have the chance to take things a little deeper.

I know we will cover these basics:

  • Explore Eros and all that it might be. From deep feeling, to sensuality and sensuousness, to a deep love for all of life, Eros is a key to what we've been missing as women.
  • Realize we are part of the great web of life and that we are held by something much greater and more powerful than we think. And in this realization, we trust more deeply in our capacity to take risks, create what we long to create, and bring forth our purpose and vision.
  • Experience our vast inner world and the connection to soul, deep imagination, and inner knowing. Open to a relationship with the mysterious nature of the unknown and uncertainty.
  • Root deeply into the Earth and Life. Discover your own direct relationship with Mother Earth and how your body is nurtured and nourished by her.
  • and more that will support you in bringing yourself more fully into your life, relationships, and work.

Zoom Video Calls (almost like being together in real life!)

Call times:

Wednesdays at 10:00 am PT

Call dates:

Oct. 18, 25
Nov. 8, 15, 29
Dec. 6, 13, 20
Jan. 10, 17, 24
Feb. 7, 14, 21
Mar. 7, 14, 21

(You are not required to attend all of the calls. Recordings will be available.) 


Payment is through PayPal. If you need other payment options, please connect with me.

Private Online Group

Congregate and commune to share your coaching goals, visions, insights, and achievements, as well as hold and celebrate your sisters' visions and achievements, too.


About Julie:


I've trained as a coach through multiple coaching programs and am certified. Over the fifteen years I've been coaching, I've also been on my own journey to come home to soul and down into my body. This journey has, of course, informed my work as a coach.

After working with me, many clients tell me I am much more than a coach. They've offered these, but of course none of them truly capture what I do. Spiritual Advisor.  Shamaness.  Guide.  Jungian.  Energy Healer.

What I do is hard to put into words. But what I think is more important is the space I create so that the innate, divine intelligence within you can do what it desires to do - grow and transform into the beautiful creation you were created to be.

After spending deep time with Danielle LaPorte, she spoke this of me:

"Julie is like dark rich soil...the kind that seeds crave." ~ Danielle LaPorte

I think Danielle's words capture the essence of what I offer - a rich seedbed in which to support and nourish the essence of who you are so that you come to know your innate worth and dignity, deepen your self-confidence and trust, and ultimately find that rich vein of self-love that already exists within your original being.

Others have offered:

"My experience of your work is it accesses a dimension of ourselves we don't frequently access. For me its like technicolor embodied soul exploration. ...you most definitely open a portal for all of us." Writing Raw Sister
"Experiencing Julie speak is like sitting at the feet of a High Priestess... Her words issue a fierce alert:  Pay attention.  Listen.  You need to hear this." - Tricia Karp


I would love to be your coach and hold this deep soil space in which you can grow and become.



How much time will this take each week?

Each call is 90 minutes. The weekly PDFs will be fairly short, so they won't require much reading time, but they will include practices that you can put to use if you choose, as often as you choose. Of course, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it. Participating in the Facebook group will take as much time as you choose to put into it.

And, of course, your own personal writing practice is a big part of this circle, so daily time to write will really help strengthen both your personal writing and the writing container we are creating in the circle.

How is this different than one-on-one coaching?

On all of our calls, we will engage as a group. There are no one-on-one calls unless you would like additional one-on-one calls for an additional fee.

While you don't have a full hour to yourself with me as you would one-on-one, you will still have coaching time during our calls. Everyone will have some time for one-on-one work with me. The lovely thing about group coaching is that you are also learning when your sisters are being coached. I've found in the work I do with groups, that the learning and deepening is different because you are learning through your process of being part of a group as well.

Must I attend all of the calls?

No. It is not required. But the more calls you can come to, the more you'll get out of the coaching and group...and the more you'll have the opportunity to share your journey, challenges, & unfolding.

***Do you offer refunds?

No. This is a committed group. Your registration is a commitment to the group-coaching total-cost. If after attending five calls you feel this group is not a fit or something unexpected comes up in your life, you are welcome to use the total cost toward something else I offer down the line such as one-on-one coaching or another course.

I have a question that’s not answered here.

Please email Julie [at] juliedaley[dot] com and I will do my best to respond quickly.

I'm still not sure this might be right for me.

If you are still not sure, take a moment to feel for resonance in your body. Is there a longing, a nudge, to know yourself in this way? Having a bit of fear is normal. We haven't really been taught to trust these aspects of ourselves as women, and we haven't been taught to trust our nudges. But...we must learn to trust the nudge.