This course brought "a deepening into a parched part of my psyche, the feminine side, which I came to know and appreciate, and mostly importantly, VALUE, as an integral part of my life." ~ Becoming a Force of Nature graduate

  • Do you feel the call to rise up into who you truly are?
  • Are you in the midst of a transition without a compass or map?
  • Do you long to step into your life knowing you have what you need to flourish?
  • Do you want to step into more of a leadership role in your work and life? 
  • Do you hunger to know that who and what you are as a woman, is sacred, worthy of dignity, and powerful beyond measure?

If so, this provocative, and highly practical deep dive into your creative process and feminine nature, a mix of Stanford University curriculum and Sacred Feminine wisdom, is for you.

Take a moment to imagine:

You are standing at the edge of the unknown. You've stood here for a while, trying to find the courage to step off. You may even have walked away and come back, repeatedly. Something in you knows you must step off, yet something in you keeps pulling back. You feel both a contraction of fear and the rush of excitement. It might even feel like a brick wall, something you just can't get through.

What can you trust in, so deeply, that you step off knowing that whatever you encounter, you have the creative capacity to meet it with presence, vulnerability, and love?

How would you live your life differently if you found this trust? If you came to know that your very nature is made for this?

  Will you cross the threshold?

If this feels a little daunting, I understand. To be honest, the fear doesn't go away. Not really. But, when you know your creative process and trust in your deepest nature, you know that fear is simply part of the process - it's a fear of feeling this 'brick wall' every time we step into the unknown.

The difference is trust. Trust in your nature, both as a creator and a woman.

We cross the threshold each and every time. It's part of the creative process. It's part of the process of descent. It's part of life. 

Believe me, you are not alone at this place, this threshold. Even though it seems as if nobody else could possibly be feeling what you are feeling, what you are experiencing is the very real, insistent call of your own Soul. It is time to serve the call of your Soul, to be the vessel through which She expresses in the world.

What is this course and where did it come from?

Becoming a Force of Nature is highly experiential. It is both brand new and time-tested. And, based on the renowned Stanford University course, Creativity in Business, the foundational aspects of Becoming a Force of Nature are both beautifully practical and exceedingly successful.

Michael Ray and Rochelle Myers developed the course in the early 1980's to help Stanford Business School students unlock and remove barriers to their natural creative potential.

For 25 years, the course opened many brilliant business-students' minds to their vast creative capacity, one of which was Jim Collins, author of Good to Great (and a former Creativity in Business teacher as well), who wrote:

"I would not be where I am today, with the wonderful life I've been given, without that course." 

Some history, background, & details:   

Your feminine creativity is a powerful force of nature...

This is the course I wish I'd had over 20 years ago when I was wandering in the desert, looking for any sign around me that would guide me home to my sacred feminine nature. I couldn't find any. I had to find them myself.

I've enriched this incredible Stanford curriculum with everything I've come to know and experience of the nature of life and beauty, the sacred feminine nature embodied in women, and my own experience of how the feminine came to awaken within me.

My dream was to create a course where you can come to know the beautiful aspects of your feminine self and how to live those in the world... while also balancing it with the practical necessary knowings of how to be in action from a place of flow.

This course is both spiritually deep and in-the-world practical.


How it will work:




You'll receive one module each month. This gives you plenty of time to go through the material and Live-With what you've learned. (Live-Withs are the practices which help guide you to deepen the learning, whether at work or home or even on vacation!) There will be plenty of juicy in-context learning.


Over 12 months, you'll receive:

  • Curriculum in 12 PDF modules
    with class slides, exercises, meditations, worksheets so you can deepen your exploration. 

    The curriculum includes:

    • 5 creativity thresholds (or tools) designed to remove barriers to your personal creativity (see below)
    • 7  practical and provocative ways to navigate personal areas of challenge (see below)
    • 12 Live-Withs, (“hands-on”, interactive approaches to learning) to use in your everyday life so you can APPLY what you learn real-time to the challenge/goal you bring to the material.
  • Interviews with an eclectic group of wise people, just like you!

    • Oriah Mountain Dreamer, bestselling author
    • Jennifer Louden - best-selling author
    • Michael Ray - author & co-creator of Creativity in Business, Stanford Professor Emeritus
    • Kandice N. Cole - writer and teacher
    • Jena Strong - author and poet

The most powerful aspect of this course:

You'll apply, in everyday life, what you are learning to everything you do, most especially your challenge. While reading/listening to/engaging with the curriculum will take a few hours per month, the big learning comes while you are engaged in your life!

This application is through Live-Withs, practices that help put what you learn into real, engaged learning. You actually 'live-with' the curriculum in a way that teaches you through your OWN experience. You are teaching yourself what is true for you. You teach yourself how the world responds to you as you take steps toward your challenge. And, you teach yourself about yourself - about what you love, about who you are, and about who you when you are in relationship with the rest of the world. 

Ultimately, no one can teach you what it is to be you except you! This is the beautiful process of creative Self-discovery.


What graduates want you to know:

"This program was food for my soul – like a steady intravenous drip - soft and steady. I'm sure that I'll feel the impact over the next few months in a similar way. You've put your own stamp on what is an incredible Stanford class. While most other courses I've taken online had to do with my work in the world, this course took me inwards and helped me explore my relationships - to myself, others, and the earth – but especially myself. It felt like a slow uncovering of what has been there all along."

~ Kim Manley-Ort, Contemplative Photographer,, Canada


"I feel this has been an amazing journey and one I would like to stay with. While I've trusted my voice in my life, I feel as if I found deeper roots within my voice, and how they are nourished and supported by the heart and the gut and the earth. Sinking into this was so, so powerful. It thus gave me a greater range of trust in myself.How you wove the themes together, how they built upon one another, seemed like a solid container for learning, and for material to sink in. It was transformational about my feelings about being a woman and a force of nature. Helped me claim dislodged parts of the feminine nature of my psyche. Julie, you were a steady force of nature yourself, such a trusted guide."

~ Maura,  U.S.


"As a result of my inner transformation, the outer changes started to happen too. Some of the main internal changes - that now I am more comfortable taking risks, listening to my intuition and actually acting on it (that was huge for me). Among external changes - getting married to a man who loves me dearly and whom I love too, doing a recital (after more than 10 years) and taking part in a piano competition. Although doing some exercise I realized that becoming a professional pianist is not my path, I am doing it because I love doing it."

~ Marina Lapteva, Siberia, Russia


"This course has been valuable to me on myriad levels: personal, professional and spiritual. Exploring both the sacred and embodied role of the feminine with Julie as our guide was a wonderfully uplifting and grounding experience. My experience(s) of being in the world have changed after taking this course. I see myself and my place in the world in a very different (and more positive/empowered) way. This course gave me a new sense of freedom and possibility about how to live the remaining years of my life's journey in a more creative and intuitive manner."

~ Gita Tewari, U.S.

Course Content:

5 Portals (or Tools)

  1. Trust in your Nature – Creative. Loving. Relational.
  2. Relaxed Judgment – Listen. Love. Buckle-it-Up.
  3. Awakened Awareness - Receptivity. Beauty. Belonging.
  4. The Body – Sensual. Wise. Human. 
  5. Creative Impulse - Desire. Question. Longing.

7 Practical Applications

  1. Purpose & Vision
  2. Time & Stress & Fear
  3. Relationship & Belonging 
  4. Sexuality & Voice
  5. Balance & Intuition 
  6. Prosperity & Self-Worth
  7. Your Life as a work of Art – sharing your creativity with the world

You'll leave with: 

  • tools, practices, and time-tested guides to use on your own in all areas of your life.
  • practical methods to work with stressors and fears, and tap into intuition.
  • a clear understanding of, and trust in, your creative process that can guide you in any undertaking.
  • an intimate experience of your life force that infuses your creativity, sexuality, & relationality.
  • a deepened knowing of who you are (Self) and what you are here for (Work).
  • a sense of joy to guide you to move from the heart rather than striving and over-efforting.
  • a way of relating in a new way as you learn to live from compassion and awareness.
  • the capacity to lead, love, and live as a creative woman, aware of but not run by the fear of judgment.
  • the realization that you can call upon your sisters as strong, supportive women in your life.
  • a knowing you belong here, on this earth, in your body, in your life
  • a more conscious relationship with the forces of nature within you and around you.
  • movement and progress on the challenge, project, or initiative you bring to the course.





3 Payments of $110.00

(Once payment is complete, please sign -up here to receive emails for the course. All course materials will be sent directly from


Another option is to include coaching calls with this self-study package.  Contact me directly to find out more.


Listen to a guided visualization from the course to experience the beautifully deep nature of this work.



Is this about art?

No, not really. While you may use your creative resource to create art, this course is about living your life as a work of art. You see, Creativity is not about art; rather, creativity is about the artistry of being fully human. And, here at Unabashedly Female, a fully female human being.

What if I'm not creative?

I've been facilitating powerful creativity courses for over ten years to a wide variety of people and communities (including Stanford Undergrads, Silicon Valley executives, 9/11 family members, people directly affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy, individuals around the world, and I've never met a single soul that is not creative.

But, I understand your belief, and perhaps fear, about not being creative. We are educated out of our creativity. We are taught to have the answer, and to never say I don't know. But, if we are truthful with ourselves, we don't know...except for things like math and taxes, and then some of us don't know those things either. We mix up knowing in a deep, intuitive way, with having to understand life through the mind. And, that just doesn't work. It never has. And, doing so makes us really nervous on some level because we know we don't know.

But coming to see creativity in the light as I teach it you will come to know yourself as creative!

Can I really learn this as a self-study course?

The material is very self-reflective in many ways. It is a journey into your own creative process and all of the ways you are challenged in a normal human life to live this creativity. You will learn by living the course in both your personal and professional lives. Your deepest learning will come as you reflect within on your own experiences and then live what you are learning by way of the Live-Withs.


Wondering if this is for YOU?

Do you...

  • want tools and guides to support you to live your life more creatively and authentically?
  • want to re-integrate your feminine aspects with your already competent masculine abilities?
  • long to experience the wilder parts of yourself?
  • desire to express yourself fully, including all the emotions you feel inside?
  • want to rediscover the 'woman' you put away for fear she was too much?
  • know you have the wisdom, vision & heart to lead, yet lack trust and confidence in yourself?
  • yearn to feel deeply connected, expansive, and alive more often in your life.
  • feel this powerful presence within that you don't understand, nor know what to do with?
  • long to be held in a community of women as you navigate this personal transformation?

If you are still not sure, take a moment to feel for resonance in your body. Is there a longing, a desire, something you can't quite name nudging you in this direction? Trust that nudge. And, if you want to check-in to see if this is right, don't hesitate to contact me.


“Julie is a genius of the body and heart. Her words, her presence, are a manifestation of what is real, what is precious, what is life-giving. Julie’s ideas, words and intent feed what must be fed for us to change the course of our planet through love. Let yourself be fed. Let yourself know the real in your bones.”
~ Jennifer Louden, best-selling author of The Women's Comfort Book, and 7 other books.
Julie is “dark rich moist soil, like the kind seeds crave. She stirs up the power that women feel in their core. Strength, Sensuality, discernment - she brings it all through Story and a presence that wakes people up to so much more.”
~ Danielle LaPorte,
best-selling author of The Fire Starter Sessions, The Desire Map, & White Hot Truth


A bit about Julie:

This is the course I wish I'd had 20 years ago as I wandered in the desert!

I had just graduated from Stanford University myself, yet I knew in my heart that, even with my new degree, the entire course of my career was about to change. Working as a systems analyst was NOT my heroine's journey. Not at all. I stumbled upon, yes stumbled, the first teacher training for Creativity in Business, a course from Stanford Business School. I knew the moment I saw it that it was right. The was after over a year of wandering in the desert trying to find my way.

I became certified to teach, and also a certified coach, and began to work with 9/11 families, bringing this profoundly adaptable teachings to help them move forward again in their lives as they stepped off of a really big without their loved one. I also worked with companies internally to help them bring creativity into the workplace. And, I began to teach at Stanford, a course called Creativity and Leadership.

During this time, I was also deeply immersed in my own personal heroine's journey to rescue myself, my true self and true feminine nature. It has been a long, winding journey, that could (of course!) only bring me back to me. But at the time, I thought for sure I was going somewhere.

I've learned about the feminine, but more importantly, I've come to embody more and more of myself, which means I am living more and more of my feminine nature. When the cells of our bodies are awake with consciousness, we express the body's wisdom.

It is so fitting that I now bring these two gorgeous pieces together into this creation, Becoming a Force of Nature. This IS my heroine's journey. I've taught hundreds of people to come to know they are indeed creative. I've coached hundreds. I would love to have you join me.


Our power:

If you take away one thing from reading all the way down to this point, please know this:

Your power is not like that which has been wielded over others to dominate and control. Your true power, the power that flows through you when you are embodying the feminine principle, is the power to love and it is inclusive, holding, and connecting - it weaves life together in a supportive bond.

When you live your life creatively, you are living as a force of nature. Your vital life force fuels your creativity, sexuality, and your ability to love so deeply, so intimately, so wholly. Your power is meant to blossom, to bring forth all the beauty, tenderness, and exquisite eroticism that is at the heart of life itself. They are at the heart of the life within you.