If so, you're not alone. We live in a world these days full of stress, anxiety, and fear. Having a practical way to ease and reduce these by getting clear on your stressors and making an action plan has benefits to all areas of your life.

You long to take action but you stop yourself acting.

Let's free up your agency - your capacity to ACT!


"Julie’s Stressor Exercise helped bring peace and spaciousness to my mind and body where before there was chaos and anxiety. This simple yet powerful exercise helped me take action on a simple yet stressful thing I have put off for 4 years. After doing the exercise, I no longer have a bunch of stressful thoughts whirling around in my mind accumulating more stress and binding up precious life force energy. This exercise also helped me categorize my stressors and I could even let go of some stressors that are not mine. It helped me see in a very practical way what I could take action on right away, what needed clarity and what needed to be metabolized with a new perspective. I’m so very grateful to Julie for this tool!"
BJ, Psychotherapist

Ease the Stress combines a 'mini-course' with one-on-one coaching to help move you into action.

I would love to guide YOU to learn how to ease your stress because stress reduces your ability to be fully engaged and creative in your life and relationships. Knowing how to reduce your stress through a practical process, one that you can use over and over, begins to change the tenor of your life.

The stress of our lives can rob us of the joy of being alive and our ability to feel alive. When we're stressed we tend to be confused and feel little, bordering on numb. It's how we cope when we live in a world of uncertainty and ambiguity.


Stress remains present when you...

  • don't take action because the action needed isn't clear or you fear taking it and where it might lead.
  • have difficulty in accepting what is out of your control.
  • feel confused about what is required - action, acceptance, or both.

When we have clarity, we can take clear, powerful action.

When we realize something is beyond our control, we can find our way to acceptance.

Both bring us back to a sense of peace. 

Using a powerful framework from the popular Stanford course I teach, we will look at some of the current stressors in your life, pinpoint what each calls for, map out a plan of action to start to reduce your stress and do some heart work to begin to find your way to acceptance of those things that call for acceptance. 

We will get you back in the flow again AND you'll have your own process to use in your life to continue to move through stress and the underlying fears that are present.

"This exercise is surprisingly quick and simple. In minutes, I went from feeling stressed and out of control to calm and able to take action. This is a great way to move out of reaction and into response. I have used this exercise several times since, both personally and with my coaching clients. Throughout all of our work together, Julie creates a safe fertile space, filled with compassion, non-judgement, curiosity, and possibility. This, in itself, allows me to remember that fundamentally, I am naturally creative, resourceful, and whole."
Rebecca Elia, MD, CPCC

What you receive:

  • 1 engaging, lovingly-held, 50-minute zoom or telephone call, depending on what works best for you; lovingly-held because we are dealing with stress and fears! I am known to be very good at this.
  • 1 Ease the Stress workbook to use in your life on a regular basis to continue the learning gained from our call. 


Once you've purchased your session, I'll be in touch to schedule. Let's ease your stress! 

This method to ease the stress can truly transform your life from one of great fear and stress to a more conscious way to live in a stressful, troubled world.

I look forward to having the opportunity to support you in easing the Stress!

About Julie:


I've been exploring the Feminine since the late 1990's. It's been a long, deep, both mysterious and mystical journey. Over these years, the feminine has been revealing herself to this world again and we are now beginning to truly witness her re-emergence. This personal inner journey to come home to soul and down into my body has, of course, informed all of my work.

I'm a certified coach and have trained as a coach through multiple coaching programs. I'm also a certified Creativity in Business facilitator, teaching at Stanford University for twelve years on Creativity & Leadership.