Do you have a flower story? A story of a time when the power of a flower pierced your heart or awakened your soul or changed the way you see yourself and your place in this world?

Many of you know the great joy I find in communing with flowers. It wasn't always that way.

I first began to photograph flowers after an intense and beautiful out-of-the-blue-experience I had in a community garden here in San Francisco. I was gazing at the flowers one day when suddenly the light within one of them began to radiate toward me so clearly that I was completely drawn into this light and the flower's beauty. I stood there mesmerized by the colors and how the subtle shades of indigo to blue to green were so perfectly created. I was so drawn in that I was rendered speechless for many minutes. Tears streamed down my face as the beauty reached parts of me that must have been beauty-parched because I was soaking it up like I hadn’t seen light such as this my entire life - or at least as far back as I could remember.

I felt as if I was reaching into a different world – or that this different world was reaching out to me. 

It was after this experience, that I began to feel called to commune with flowers: to take their photograph, to listen deeply to their song, to drink in their fragrance, and to awaken to what they were calling me to remember.

Flowers can awaken us to know and see ourselves more clearly and deeply by illuminating and reflecting back to us what we can't yet see. They love to remind us of the light and they do so joyfully.

"Thank you, Julie , for your profound Power of the Flower study. My heart is open, my mind is quiet, my body is lighter. Discovering and looking deep into my flower - such a reflection of myself and my contradictions - has taken me into a fuller acceptance of my wholeness as a human being.
I experienced an unexpected shift out of a very old and limiting belief. Such a tender journey - everyone should have the opportunity to experience this transformational study!! I recommend it wholeheartedly." 


Join me in a journey and exploration into a relationship between You, a flower, and coming to know yourself in a new way.


“Seeing beauty in a flower could awaken humans, however briefly, to the beauty that is an
essential part of their own innermost being,
their true nature."
~ Eckhart Tolle


There is a great power in flowers.

Have you wondered about the power in flowers?

  • Why are they so alluring?
  • How they communicate with us?
  • What are flowers in their rawest nature that you, too, long to be?
  • What they can teach you?
  • What can you begin to know in your own body when you listen to the song that flowers are singing to you?

These are all wonderful questions that can open you to this quest...


What is a Quest and where do I source from?


Julie is deeply grounded in the wisdom of the Earth
and sources so much of what she knows and sees
directly from this profound connection. ~ Amy Palko

A quest is an opening to discovering something new. Quest and question come from the same root. Together, here, we are questing and inquiring into a particular aspect of your essential nature and the power you are here to live. By inquiring into your relationship with a particular flower intuitively pulled for you, we can feel into learning new things about who you are and how you might bring these aspects more forward into your life right now.

Your essential nature has many qualities. And here, together, we’ll explore what the flowers might be telling you about your nature and the qualities it is time to remember and bring forth from within you.

This inquiry is more along the lines of coaching. This isn't a psychic reading. But it is intuitive.

I've assembled my own card deck made from my flower pictures. When you purchase this study, I'll sit for a bit and sense into you. I'll then pull a flower card. From there, I'll offer what I sense and feel and see. It's not advice. It's not me telling you who you are. It's an offer for you to begin to see and sense yourself in a different way - through the lens of flowers who are uniquely in relationship with us as human beings.

I pull wisdom from the earth. I listen to what she shows me. This really isn't that special. She is speaking to us all the time. All of us. Each of us. I take in this particular flower in the photograph I pull. It was taken at a moment in time. It is unique. If it is a rose, it isn't just a rose. it is a particular rose with all of its own unique characteristics...it's own face, it's own voice if you will.


What does this 'study of YOU' include?

  • One 14-16 page PDF filled with inspiration, flower images, inquiries, questions, and new creative ways to bring flowers into your life.

  • Within these pages, I'll share how one flower - selected personally for you - offers you insights into aspects of your nature that you might not yet see or consciously know. This PDF will come within 96 hours of your order.

  • One printed hard copy of the flower chosen for you, signed by me, and mailed to your home. Your print will be mailed within two weeks of your order.



This flower study includes your personalized PDF and a printed photo mailed to you.

If you want to take it further, you can also purchase an hour-long coaching call with me, discounted from my regular session price.

Once purchased, please send a question or intention or wish to me at Julie  @  JulieDaley.com for me to hold.

I wish I could offer more, but these are hand crafted experiences and I don't yet know how long they will take me to complete. If I run out and you are interested, please email me to be added to a waiting list - in case I decide to offer more.


    I'm looking forward to experiencing this great, delicious experiment with You.