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My first book is HERE! I've curated a collection of poetry and prose, and highlighted it with many of the flower photographs I love. In these 142 pages, you'll find 53 pieces of poetry and prose, and 33 photographs.

I draw upon my own experience when I write. My life has been full of many incredible moments and I find that writing from the visceral, felt, remembered experience comes straight out of the experience stored in my body. The body holds everything we've experienced and writing or speaking from it can yield things your mind might not remember.

I hope you find something beautiful and meaningful for you within these pages.

Below you'll find a few pieces I've recorded for you.



I'll Meet You Here

I find one of the richest places for one's growth as a human being is relationship - especially our primary relationship. I've been lucky in love. I've loved, and have been loved by, some wonderful men. I am especially intrigued by how the fullness of eros shows up in these relationships. The fullness - not just the erotic as we think of it, but the full play of the sensual and sensuous experiences possible between two people who love each other.


Taking Flight

Old roses have an amazing fragrance. It is said that the fragrance will help to carry someone across the bridge at death. We brought a vase full of beautiful old roses home to my mother in the summer evening just before she died. I like to think they helped her take flight.