Do you find yourself mystified by the creative process?

When faced with life challenges or definite uncertainty, do you back-off, get stuck, or self-sabotage when you don't know how to proceed?

Are you a change agent who would love to know practical and creative ways to engage with the change process?

Are you someone willing to dive into a new way to be in conversation with uncertainty? the emergent? the mystery?

Are you an innovator, artist, writer, or designer who struggles with trusting your own creative process?

If so, I'd love to enter the creative unknown together with you...


Registration is open & limited to 30 women.

We begin March 1st

Calls each Tuesday from 9:00 - 10:30 am PST.



In How to Enter the Creative Unknown you'll discover:

  • how to enter into, and be in conscious relationship with, the creative unknown.
  • your habitual fears, reactions, and tendencies as you navigate the process of creativity and change, as well as an uncertain future. 
  • how to map your own creative/change process.
  • empowering ways you can move through the unknown terrain of artistic, professional, and personal challenges with awareness and trust. 
  • a more co-creative, humble, joyful, vulnerable, and open-hearted relationship with the life and the future. 



What I've learned through 15 years of facilitating others through the creative process:

You are creative. We are all creative. Our nature is creative and we are the artists of our lives. 

You utilize your creativity many times each day, every day, and have for your entire life. You only believe you are not, or don't trust yourself fully, because you believe a voice in your head that insists on judging, comparing, defending, and attempting to control rather than trusting in the natural flow of life.

I've worked with many different groups and communities of people to catalyze their personal creativity and every time I see the miracle that happens when each person realizes that their ideas, AHAs, and creations all come from within them.

Now, I'm going deeper into the creative process and discovering insights into how to effectively co-create with the creative unknown rather than trying to hogtie and control it. Creativity is a way we can come to know ourselves if we are willing to come into a more vulnerable, respectful, adventurous relationship with the unknown. Here, the creative process is more than simply creative; it is a spiritual act of humility, vulnerability, and open-heartedness. It is an act of love. 

I'd love to share what I've discovered with you so you can more fully trust yourself to navigate the adventure that is your life.




Join me for this interactive journey:

  • Curriculum is based on the highly acclaimed Stanford University Graduate School of Business course, Creativity in Business, and taken deep into the nuts and bolts of the creative process
  • Small student group size allows for interactive learning on YOUR unique process
  • 4 weekly detailed PDFs with guided exercises and visualizations
  • 1 Secret Facebook group
  • 5 90-minute interactive calls (recordings will be available if you can't be on the calls live)


"I have seen Julie in action as a teacher of creativity and as a coach.
I have been her student and client. In a 30-year business career, I have worked in a wide range of companies and roles, from management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group to marketing guru at high tech startups to an executive and corporate officer at a public company.
I haven’t ever encountered someone with Julie’s unique combination of heart, soul, intelligence, and wisdom. She is a very gifted teacher, consultant, coach.
It is hard to imagine an individual or organization which wouldn't benefit from her talents."
~ Dave Torrey, Marketing and strategy consultant

"Julie is a superlative facilitator of personal growth.
She cares about individuals and they feel it thus she gains their trust.
We have truly appreciated the work she has done twice now with our Returning Students Group.
She has my unconditional recommendation."
~ Sally Mentzer, Academic Advisor at Stanford University



How it will work:

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Discovering Your Process

  • Looking at what creativity is and what it provides us with.
  • Beginning a more conscious relationship with the creative unknown.
  • The six stages of the creative process.
  • Re-defining flow.
  • Beginning to see and map the unique way you navigate these stages.

Week 2: The Where and How of Resistance

  • What gets in the way of being in creative flow.
  • Discovering where and how you stop yourself from entering and staying in flow, and mapping these discoveries.
  • Digging deeper into these six stages of the process.
  • Finding the inner voice that can feel and discern its way back to flow.

Week 3: Co-creation & Collaboration with the Unknown

  • Discovering how life is a creative process and the six stages in life challenges.
  • Understanding how you view and navigate challenge.
  • Going deeper into your process map.
  • Opening to a more mindful, open-hearted relationship with the creative unknown.
  • Shifting from a 'control' mindset to a 'co-creative' mindset and relationship with the creative unknown.

Week 4: The Power of Questions

  • Finding new perspectives from which to perceive the creative unknown and life challenges.
  • Learning to differentiate between not knowing and 'knowing'.
  • Redefining creative and generative questions to deepen into the unknown.
  • Refining your creative process map.

Week 5: Wrap-Up

  • Wrap-up call for questions about moving forward with what you've learned, as well as feedback on the course.

A private Facebook group:

Our community space where you can ask questions and explore your own answers; share your experiences, challenges, and maps; and learn from each other.

5 calls:

90-minute calls each Tuesday

  • 12/1  9:00 - 10:30 am PST
  • 12/8  9:00 - 10:30 am PST
  • 12/15  9:00 - 10:30 am PST
  • 12/22  9:00 - 10:30 am PST
  • additional wrap-up call at the end - day and time to be determined

(call recordings will be made available.)



You Might Be Wondering:


  • What is a pilot course, how is it different, and what will be expected of me?
    In a pilot course, you help me refine my new course by offering feedback and insights you might not normally share with an instructor. Because this is a highly interactive, expressive course, I'm looking to understand your experience and expression so I can refine and improve my materials and curriculum. I'll be testing new processes and exercises. I'm hoping to gain more insight into how these help you know more about your process, so I'll need good feedback and examples on how they helped you (or not) and what you learned.In exchange for your feedback, I'm offering this first time for a discounted rate. You'll be doing a little more work that you normally would in exchange for paying less.
  • What will I come away with from taking this course?
    Firstly, you will come away with a much clearer picture of your own unique creative process, as well as clarity about how you engage with challenges in your life and how you can shift to a way that brings you more clearly and fully into the possibilities inherent in that challenge.Secondly, the deeper transformational aspects depend on a many things. Each of us is unique in how our creative process and how we experience it. What you come away with will depend on  the time, focus, attention, and commitment you can bring to the course and your personal transformation. When doing this kind of work, we often must look at places of discomfort. The more you are willing to do so, the more you will receive.
  • Can I get a refund if I decide I don't want to participate once I've enrolled.
    Because this is a pilot, I really want to help guide you to know if this is right for you so that you can decide prior to enrollment. For the pilot, in exchange for a discounted rate, I'm asking for juicy feedback on how you experienced the course. Therefore, I need students to feel committed and engaged.If you change your mind about the course within the first week of class, I cannot offer you a refund but will happily have a one-on-one coaching session with you in exchange for your payment.


“Julie is an exceptional coach and a deeply creative soul.
She is wise, intuitive, artistic, visionary and compassionate.
As a previous participant of one of her Wildly Creative Women workshops,
I experienced her lovely, gentle leadership first hand.
She is wonderful to collaborate with and has a wealth of ideas, tools and insights around creativity.”
~ Jennifer Lee, Author and Certified Professional Coach

“Julie was one of my teachers at Stanford University (Creativity & Leadership)
and has taught me one of life's biggest lessons:
the power of creativity lies within you and your heart,
so compassion is key for entrepreneurial leadership.
I can strongly recommend Julie to drive yourself and/or company to the next level.”
~ Herby Marchetti, Strategy & Innovation Officer


Join me for this interactive, insightful, and joyful journey.




A bit about Julie:

I'm the founder of Creative Wellspring and Unabashedly Female, and a consultant, coach, writer, and speaker.

I am committed to being a creativity and innovation catalyst in a world where the answers we are looking for can only come out of the creative unknown. I am committed to people changing their relationship with the unknown from one of fear to one of trust and love.

I have lived life very non-traditionally, and while I didn't know it when I was younger, this has served me well for my life's work. I see things differently, and I see things before their time.

I have worked with corporations, including Microsoft, and I teach Creativity and Leadership at Stanford University Continuing Studies. I have coached hundreds of women and men who lost loved ones in 9/11, and 9/11 widows who wanted to learn to love again, people affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy, and guide individuals in specialized creativity courses across the country and serve coaching clients around the world.