• Are you part of a leadership team that is going through growing pains as your company navigates change or a new stage of your business?
  • Are you facing a new challenge that requires each of you to step-up and grow as individual leaders, as well as come together as a cohesive and effective leadership team?
  • Does your team have an important initiative that requires you to be creative and innovative in a short period of time?
  • Do you know that your team needs to take some time to step-back, connect, collaborate and become a better version than you are currently operating?
  • Is it time for your team to have an off-site retreat and you want a skilled and effective facilitator to guide you through a process that will make you each stronger leaders individually, as well as a more connected, collaborative and successful team?   


It’s a common place for a leadership team to find themselves. The business has evolved. The company has grown. The landscape has shifted. The vision has expanded. It’s not surprising when I hear about a team struggling with change and challenges, or lacking time for problem-solving and innovation.

As the business evolves and grows, you may find yourself feeling stretched and out of your leadership comfort zone. This is natural and understandable. That’s why leaders need to evolve and grow themselves. And your leadership team needs to as well.

You can do it the hard way, with no support to guide you in up-leveling your leadership game, personally and as a team.

Or I can help you with an easier way.


“Julie Daley is a unique combination of profound experience, technical skills, deep searching, and practical wisdom – all focused on exactly what leaders need to take themselves and all of us into a better future.” — Michael Ray, Professor Emeritus, Stanford School of Business


What if...

  • you had a process—one single process—that you knew well, trusted, and could use to move through any change or challenge you face, in business , as well as in your personal life?
  • this same process helped you understand how both you and your team navigate change, as well as how to bring out the best in others in your company?
  • this same process also made your team more cohesive, collaborative, and creative; more productive, persistent, and positive, and worked as a force for good for your clients and customers?


I provide an established, strategic, and repeatable process to support leadership, executive and high-performance, to creatively navigate growth, change, and challenges faster, easier, and more successfully.


As a result, you and your team can:

  • Navigate change smoother and more successfully
  • Innovate better and faster
  • Undertake new challenging initiatives more easily and creatively
  • Shift company culture and cooperation
  • Powerfully tackle a new business stage or problem
  • Increase both self and team confidence
  • Strengthen team collaboration, cohesiveness, creativity and connection
  • Manage personal, team, and company stress better
  • Feel more focused and productive, as an individual and as a team
  • Apply a more fluid, fun, and functional approach to meeting challenges and goals.


About the Program

Typically this is done as a two-day program, with a combination of training, individual and team exercises, group coaching, and facilitated team discussion. The first day I teach you the process as you focus on navigating it individually (personal leadership development). On the second day, we take what is learned through the individual process and discover how it impacts your team dynamics as you navigate change or attempt to innovate.

What makes this unique?

  • Combination of individual leadership development, team building and development, and business development all rolled into one.
  • Provides proven, repeatable, strategic, and creative process tools each individual and the team can use to navigate change and challenges moving forward (not one-and-done).
  • Strengthens understanding, trust, and connection between team members as you explore and share the process.

Please contact me for a complimentary consultation to discuss how this can be tailored for your specific team and company needs.




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