The one thing we need most in our world is LOVE.
At work. At home. In our communities. In our politics.

A love-based leader sees success three-fold:

  • The people you lead coming into their own power as creative, resilient, loving human beings, able to voice and express their unique purpose in the world.

  • The world, whether that be in your community, organization, or at-large, being changed transformed through the love of human beings empowered to bring forth their gifts.

  • Your own success fueled by your power-from-within - the source of love, creativity, and kindness you know you are here to bring forth.

As leaders, we must come to trust in love, and learn how to be a channel for this great force. Love is abundant in our world. We can learn to open to it, to let it fill our hearts, and to then offer it out into this world that is so thirsty for it.

When we love someone, truly holding them in love, we’re acknowledging their dignity, their worth, and what they are capable of. Love does this. Love sees. When we love, we see with the heart.

Love-based leadership honors and supports people in such a way that they feel empowered to bring what is within them into expression in the world. Love-based leadership requires leaders to move into a different kind of relationship with those we lead. We relate differently in order to free ourselves and others to be more expressive, curious, playful, creative, innovative, collaborative, strong, kind, and powerful. 

Powerful, you ask? Yes, powerful. 

Love-based leadership opens the door for people to begin to work from their innate power — power-from-within. Here we don’t need to use power-over to manage, manipulate, or control people to work toward the common goal and vision. To do so, not only must our idea of leading change, but we must also learn to relate differently to those who follow us. And, it requires those who follow to learn to relate differently as well.

Join me for this one-hour experiential video call.

Wednesday, January 2nd, 10:30 am PT

Together, we’ll explore these 3 things…

  1. A beautiful experience of the vastness of your own heart and the qualities inherent in your love. Experiencing and learning to trust your experience is of utmost importance when exploring this topic.

  2. What I see are vital to love-based leadership that I've gathered from my life, work, and experience teaching and coaching people from all walks of life around love, creativity, intuition, compassion, what lies within us, and the wisdom of the heart and body.

  3. What you're working on and how love-based leadership can support you in your work and life.

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Wednesday, January 2nd, 10:30 am PT



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