"The “sacred” is not something primarily religious or even spiritual. It is not a quality we need to learn or to develop. We all have within us a sense of the sacred, a sense of reverence, however we may articulate it. It is as natural as sunlight, as necessary as breathing." ~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

We enter into circle and write together to quench our thirst for a remembrance of our sacred nature.

: : :

Our world is thirsty for that which moves within YOU that is outside our cultural norms. We need the wild, feral feminine - that which swims in your blood, stirs the marrow of your bones, and beats within the chambers of your heart.

This is medicine for us all. 

There is a deep well within every woman that is untouched by cultural conditioning, home to the feminine soul. There are two aspects to reclaiming what moves in you:

  • journeying into the unknown of the internal world with open arms and a willingness to not abandon what you find, and

  • gathering in circle to share the words and stories sourced from this well.

Take a moment to imagine...

  • This realm as a creative cauldron where symbols, images, dreams, feelings, and sensations await your open-hearted receptivity so they can be born through you into this world.

  • You are here to 'write' this mysterious realm into existence.

  • Something really beautiful happens when you bring the wordless into words. Your words become laced with soul, vessels for the ancient mother tongue that all of life speaks.

  • How would your writing be different, and perhaps your life, be different if you could, indeed, write raw?

  • How would your life be different if you trusted in YOUR sacred, creative, and wildly loving nature?

Our writings felt like powerful prayers that healed what was so deep and hard to say…

"To me the title says it all and I felt like I understood what I would be doing as this is the way I want all my creative endeavors to unfold... taking time to go within to quietly see what's there in the deepest parts of me. ... What I felt was the deep support from other women doing the same thing and how powerful it is to be together, sharing. Our writings felt like powerful prayers that healed what was so deep and hard to say because it carried so much of everything in the words: hurt, pain, extreme joy, tears of all kinds, and body aching laughter. I now have these beautiful writings that are so amazing in their depth I can't believe I created them." ~ Jessica Phillips

Perhaps, you write...

You call yourself a writer. And, you...

  • are aware there is more within you but you're unable to let yourself loose and set the words free

  • know your writing practice has become stagnant and don't know how to jumpstart it again

  • want your writing to be weightier, full of feeling and woven through with the richness of soul

  • sense there is something new and different that wants to be written but don't know how to open that door

  • yearn to write in a way that is uncensored.

This is Writing Raw. Writing the unknown. Writing the unexplored. Writing the wilderness.


Perhaps you don't think of yourself as a writer, but you want to create...

And you...

  • find your own voice of judgment so strong that you are doubtful that what you write has any value to be heard

  • are stuck in left-brain functioning, causing your brain to be tired and your heart hungry

  • feel closed, anxious, nervous, and scared to express your thoughts and ideas

  • long for a safe place to explore your feminine nature and
    the feminine nature of writing

  • explore the place where your creativity and sexuality meet

  • write as a sacred and sensuous exploration of your own soul

This is writing raw. Writing the sacred. Writing the sensual. Writing the vital.


And, maybe you are simply burning to...

  • be devoted to an internal, self-reflective practice that awakens sleeping aspects of your being

  • experience the feminine within yourself and other women

  • be a part of a sisterhood and a warm and supportive circle

  • experience this realm of soul more immediately and crave the nourishment that it provides

  • know how to listen with inner ears, see with inner eyes, and touch with inner skin

  • hunger to know the trust that is possible between you and your capacity to create and express what is within

  • yearn to create something born out of deep roots to this world of soul.

This is writing raw. Writing the invisible. Writing the inaudible. Writing the intangible.


What gets in the way of writing raw?


  • ...of judgment, expectations that what we express should look a certain way

  • ...of sharing our deepest feelings and words aloud to others we don't know

  • ...of, and not knowing how to access, the intuitive, instinctive, mysterious realms of our inner landscape... most of us were not taught about this realm of the mysterious.

  • ...that we aren't capable of writing raw.

EVERYONE can write raw! But, when we judge, or expect, or assume things are only a certain way, we write from tamed instincts, using a safer lexicon that doesn't ruffle feathers or raise eyebrows. Taming instincts causes us to not trust our instincts when we truly need them. And our souls don't want to be tamed - they want to express, they want to create.


When our circle is complete, you will...

  • have a process for entering into your own internal landscape, the sacred space of

  • know how to silence your voice of judgment.

  • sense a deeper trust in your creativity.

  • have explored your animal body: heart, and soul.

  • be in touch with your deeper nature as woman.

  • be part of a sisterhood, a circle of women with whom you've shared some of
    the most intimate and powerful words you've ever written.

  • be in touch with your capacity to listen and feel within to write more authentically.

  • deepen your knowing that everything you long to write in an authentic voice can only come from dee within you.

In Writing Raw, we'll enter this realm with reverence, awareness, and love. 

"Thank you Julie. It's really great taking Writing Raw...it's opened me to myself in a way I didn't even imagine was possible! I didn't understand why so many people have been emphasizing the importance of the rise of the feminine, but I am starting to get it now." ~ Esther Kim

Writing Raw is both a writing circle & a creative cauldron where... 

you re-connect your instincts and sensuality with your creative voice, so that your writing, speaking, and other forms of creative self-expression, come out of your own knowing and a deeply intimate relationship with your own direct experience. When you release expectations and judgments, coming home to body and soul, you connect with your original voice and become a vessel for your soul's expression into the world.

I guide you through a visual process that begins to open you into this direct relationship – a conversation with your soul, one that can bring you home to your original voice. And, I hold a strong and safe container so you can playfully experiment with writing that is uncensored and un-compromised.

"i feel so strongly that what you have created in writing raw has this potent link of turning us - leading us - inviting each of us into our own selves. not calling it anything but ourselves, words hinting here and there of naming, but to be ourselves and have faith in that is a great great great gift that is given in that circle." ~ Barbara Heile, woman painter writer mother

 The Circle

This is a sacred circle in which you can experiment with what raw writing might look, sound, and feel like. There is no way to know what you might create, or how it will affect you and your life to do so, but we will see what unfolds during our time together. Using the senses to guide us as we wade into the fresh, erotic waters of the creative unknown, we will write along the edges of our experience, drawing up that which always runs under the surface of our lives.

In our circle, we will share what we write. There will be NO critiquing and no responding to each other's writings. You will write and then share into the circle, just as every other woman will.

Others who have taken Writing Raw have said that hearing their own voice and listening to the other women's voices is one of the most magical things about Writing Raw.

Online Circle Details

  • 4 weeks

  • Secret Facebook Group so you can get to know each other in between calls

  • Maximum enrollment of 30


The Calls

  • 4 90-minute calls (allow for an extra 10 minutes at the end)

    Tuesday evenings at 5:00 pm PM Pacific Time Zone

    Oct 30th 5:00 pm
    Nov 06th 5.00 pm
    Nov 13th 5:00 pm
    Nov 20th 5:00 pm


…coming home to yourself, quantum growth and truly amazing writing…

"Julie creates a truly unique experience with Writing Raw. It goes beyond the writing and beyond a "journaling" or healing circle. The presence Julie brings and the women she attracts to writing raw create a powerful vehicle for coming home to yourself, quantum growth and truly amazing writing. I access places I wouldn't get to writing on my own."
Joni Advent Maher

Writing Raw is perfect for you who:

  • are writers, creatives.

  • have a passion for writing, and an open willing mind.

  • are carrying their feelings and beginning to be challenged by health issues.

  • women - whether writers or not - who are, like me, pretty stuck in left-brain functioning, whose brains are tired; whose hearts are hungry.

  • wish to step into experiences/practices that allow them to hear the deeper, truer voices that speaks within and to silence the editors/censors/critics.

More Writing Raw Graduates...

"I had participated in other nonfiction writing groups before but I was drawn to Writing Raw through my experience with Julie's writing. Her deep, soulful, no holds barred writing gave me permission to go wherever I needed to in my own writing. I wanted to be held in a safe space to do just that. Writing Raw exceeded my expectations. Not only was a safe space provided to write from my depths all that sought to be expressed but the powerful container created with the other women was both liberating and healing." ~ Joni Advent Maher

"... exploring creativity and voice and freeing self-expression. Learning to trust what our souls want to say. Letting go of the mental limitations like judgment, and just being open to what comes, which means there's also a great chance to discover new parts of ourselves. And also finding a greater sense of authenticity, because our true expressions can't be controlled or predicted. ...this course has a stronger inclination towards exploring the body and the feminine, which in my opinion makes it pretty unique." ~ Writing Raw Graduate


About Julie

  • I am a writer who writes about the sensual, the sacred feminine, creativity, and opening to our true nature, as women and as human beings.

  • I am a teacher who teaches about creativity, a creativity that is not about art but rather is your nature.

  • I don't teach information or knowledge per se. Rather, I

  • teach what I hope is just enough to support you to learn to discover and trust your own essential nature and to witness what is alive and vibrant within yourself. When you live and create from your essential nature, what pours forth is what

  • the world hungers for.

  • My degree from Stanford University is in designing interactive experiences. I know how to do this.

  • My hope for this sacred writing circle is to create a space where your sacred creativity can pour forth into the world through your written voice.


What if I can't find my original voice? I'm afraid I don't have one.

I understand that fear. Your original voice isn't anything defined by anyone else. It is how you would write/speak/create if you didn't have a care in the world what anyone else thinks about what you write/speak/create. It's simply your true voice. It has always been right there inside you, waiting to be invited out. This writing circle will open the door. It will be up to you to step through.

How much time will this take each week?

Each weekly call is 90 minutes. Of course, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it. Participating in the Facebook group will take as much time as you choose to put into it. Your own personal writing practice is a big part of this circle, so daily time to write will really help strengthen both your personal writing and the writing container we are creating in the circle.

Do you offer refunds?

No, but your investment can count toward payment for coaching with me.

I have a question that’s not answered here.

Please email Julie [at] juliedaley[dot] com and I will do my best to respond quickly.

I'm still not sure this might be right for me.

If you are still not sure, take a moment to feel for resonance in your body. Is there a longing, a nudge, to know yourself in this way? Having a bit of fear is normal. We haven't really been taught to trust these aspects of ourselves as women, and we haven't been taught to trust our nudges. But...we must learn to trust the nudge.