Women, the Earth, and Our Wild Nature

photo by Julie Daley

photo by Julie Daley


Women, the Earth, and our Wild Nature

She looked at me curiously and then thoughtfully replied, “Maybe they’ll listen to you. You look different than the women I’ve met before who talk about such things. They’re so different than me. I cannot connect with them. You’re here, sitting in a Pac Heights cafe, wearing your pearls, and you’re talking about how you love the Earth. I can connect with you in a way even though I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

We met just a few weeks before when we were sitting in the same cafe, working side-by-side as we stared for hours into our computer screens typing away. Finally, toward the end of our time that day, we discovered that we’d attended the same university and that we had some things in common. We both lived in this part of the city. We both were interested in women’s empowerment. She was a gracious woman and quite intelligent.

In this intentional coffee meeting, we’d come to get to know each other better and toward the end of our time together, I shared with her my deep love for the Earth and my deepest desire to reconnect women with a love that I see is dormant in so many of us (if not all of us). It is a natural love for the Earth and a love for life itself. This love guides us in our role in nourishing all of life.

So as she responded to my words, my heart sank in hearing them. I heard judgment toward other women — judging the way we look and taking that to mean something about us and our validity as women and visionaries. I sometimes wear pearls. And, I just as easily walk in the mud and listen to the cries of our beautiful Earth. We judge things we fear are within ourselves.

But, I also realized something else. There is a perception about women who speak of loving the Earth. We make up stories about women who love the Earth in our culture. Women who love the Earth are often seen as ‘off’ or different in the dominant culture. But then that makes sense. If the majority of women come back into right relationship with our bodies, we reawaken a powerful love, and so we are quietly, even unconsciously, encouraged to stay clear of our wild nature.

It is the women who've always spoken of love for the Earth - women and men - that awakened me to my deep love - along with the love of the Earth herself. I am forever grateful to women who've always lived their wild nature or have learned to live into it.

Our wild nature

This love is a natural state of love for women who are reconnected to the body and its wild nature. It is natural and instinctive for women to love the Earth when she is connected to the earth of her body, to the rush of her blood, to the sacred nature of her womb, and to the solidity of her bones and the wisdom in her marrow. It is a sacred love. A love that nourishes life in all things.

I do not see that ‘wild’ is what we make it out to be. Like crazy-wild. Like finally-I-am-free wild. It isn’t like many of the ideas in our head tell us about what we will be and do when we return to our wildness. Returning to the wild doesn’t keep us stuck in ideas about ourselves and what we get from it. Returning to the wild returns us to the love we feel instinctively for our home and our mother.

It isn’t just women who love this way. Men do, too. What I want to offer here, though, is that there is something intrinsic to how the feminine principle moves through a woman’s body that brings something unique to existence. Not better, just unique. Women’s bodies hold a sacred substance that nourishes life.

“This substance is like the catalyst of life — the sacred connection between humanity and life and the earth.”~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

This is what I see. I see that women have access to a deep enduring love for the Earth. Our beautiful planet.

Along the decades of my journey to follow the thread of the feminine principle as it showed itself to me, as well as in my work coaching women leaders, I’ve come to see that there is this deep desire within us as women to come into closer contact with the Earth physically. To know again the contours of her body next to ours. To feel our hearts beat against hers. To lay our bones down so close that the wisdom in our marrow warms again to its sacred nature. It is the homecoming so many of us have longed for but feared.

We want to know this relationship with life again, yet we fear it. It is the substance of experience our souls long for, yet our ego selves tell us so many stories about what will happen if we follow this deep longing in our bones to reconnect to a love we can’t quite remember but are so starved for. And so we turn away from the message when others offer it. We tell ourselves, that isn’t me.

Yet, to stand strong in these times, courageous in love, we must know three things:

  1. A strong and vital everyday connection to our own resource within, the source of our creativity, resiliency, compassion, love, and joy.
  2. A willingness and commitment — the Yes — to being here fully, to being here on Earth, in our lives, awake, present, and willing to act from this dynamic resource within.
  3. A flourishing relationship with Earth, each other, nature, and all of life that comes from an acceptance of our humanity as it is, just as we are, being willing to feel, inquire into, and disrupt the cultural messages that tell us our humanity is flawed and something to be ashamed of.

If you feel the longing I speak of, even just a fragrance of it, let yourself feel this longing. Let it grow and blossom in you. Become curious about it. And reach out to me if you have questions or want to explore it further. Or sign-up for my newsletter to receive news and information.