Eros & Power




What we are seeing at the core of our current governmental nightmare is the hold that 'power' has on those who are powerful. They are willing to do anything to hang onto it. 'Power-over' is when life force is used to dominate and control - life force used against life...therein making it a zero sum game...power-over. Life doesn't control nor does it dominate, unless it has forgotten its source and that it is connected to all of life. If we forget this and if we believe we are separate, we begin to attempt to control because the fear that arises from the belief of separation is too great to feel. We want to control because we feel out of control. We want to control when we fear death. This is the nature of the unhealthy ego, the part of us that believes we are separate from all of life. It fears loss of control so it uses power against others but also against self. It sees life as separate and it continues that separation. But when we are connected to life, we see life and death as two sides of the same coin.

This old idea of how to 'wield' power is dying because life lives for life. Life evolves. That which is destroying life - meaning no longer evolving - will ultimately meet its demise. Those who have and use power-over (which in some way is all of us as long as we are operating from an unhealthy ego) are fighting this death tooth and nail.


We as a species are being asked to find our true power within, a power that grows when lived in relationship with life, a generative power. When power is not used against itself, but rather used in service to life, it flows and is generative. I make the distinction between power-over and power-from-within, which is also power-with because we can then all live our power alongside each other. We are powerful with each other.

When we realize and live our natural power-from-within, we come to move and choose in a way that is congruent with life and not in opposition to it. The old power has only stayed powerful through control and domination of others. That model cannot survive for it is not how life moves. We see how this kind of power is quickly destroying that which gives us life itself - that which gives us this power. Life doesn't live for itself. It lives for the continuation of life. And if we continue to dominate life, life will live for itself - meaning it will do what it needs to do to keep going, whether or not that includes the human species.

When we live power-from-within, we express the power of life into the world. We are not powerful in reaction or resistance, and we are not powerful as a means to control and dominate. Power-from-within is Eros. That is what I've come to see. It's the natural instinct that life has to continue life. Eros is the deep desire of life to live and continue living, and that includes death so that new life can be born. So we do the work so that we begin to serve life rather than ourselves.

I have a mission. To awaken Eros.

To awaken eros - the full range of what eros truly is. It's here but we have little reference for the fullness of what it truly is. And when we have little reference for it, we believe it is not available to us.

I sense that awakening Eros will lead us out of the dry, brittle world of over-thinking and back into the lush and sensuous feeling realm of the heart and conscious body for now we humans can be aware and conscious of this human existence in a much clearer and more nuanced way. The clear mind that is of the heart deeply appreciates depth of feeling, beauty, and the intricate connectedness that is life. 

First we must realize that the power 'given' to those who wield power is done so through a mutual agreement we've all bought into. We are now beginning to feel the effects of a large number of people who no longer agree to hand this power over. We have the opportunity to live power-from-within, which is really the power of love.

This is what awakening to the fullness of eros can bring - human beings living the power of love.